Alex King releases Internal Link Shortcode plugin

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The next version of WordPress, version 3.1 (currently in beta) will feature internal linking, or the ability to search through site content and insert post and page links directly in the editor. WordPress developer Alex King, in response to this upcoming feature, has released a new plugin called Internal Link Shortcode.

King describes the plugin’s function:

My plugin provides a way to create internal links via shortcode so that they will always remain up to date if the page/post titles are updated or the URLs are changed. For some folks, this feature is pretty important. Like the built-in feature, there is a nice type-ahead search to allow you to easily find the post/page you wish to link to.

King cites interest on the WP Hackers mailing list as his primary motivation for finishing and releasing the plugin. Download it on the plugin directory and give it a shot if you’re interested.

One thought on “Alex King releases Internal Link Shortcode plugin

  1. i’ve been using rb internal links for months. im not an expert but i think it does the same thing as this plugin as well as having a button in tinymce.

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