Alex King releases Expiring Content Shortcode Plugin


Sometimes you blog things. But sometimes, the things you blog later aren’t things worth having on your blog. Links grow old and die, information goes out of date, and certain announcements may run their course.

Alex King, founder of Crowd Favorite, has released a new WordPress Plugin for just these things. King’s new Plugin, Expiring Content Shortcode, allows you to, use shortcodes to add an expiration date to content on your site.

You can follow King’s work on his blog and on Twitter @alexkingorg.

3 thoughts on “Alex King releases Expiring Content Shortcode Plugin

  1. I think can see this being useful for very specific types of content, e.g. events, shows, tours. For the rest of us, not really much use as bloggers want to stay on search engines (even with old content rather than no content at all).

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