Shh! A wild Alex Denning appears, back at WPShout

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After a bit of a hiatus it appears that Alex Denning is back and ready to write at WPShout. In his homecoming post, he apologizes for “being a bit rubbish at the old writing new content thing,” for being busy and for not feeling inspired.

He says he’s back and that we’ll see him return to posting regularly, including a few new post types. He mentions WordPress theme roundups and a write up of the data he collected from his survey about WordPress hosting earlier this year.

For more of his own words and to welcome him back, you can check out his post on WPShout. Are you a WPShout reader? Are you excited to see Denning back at his post?

One thought on “Shh! A wild Alex Denning appears, back at WPShout

  1. I’m honoured to think I’m news! If I may elaborate slightly:-

    Things like theme roundups aren’t really things I *want* to do, but they’re things I’m going to have to do in order to make Shout financially worth doing — whilst I have a couple of advertisers who very kindly pay me every month, other streams such as affiliate income are virtually nil and hence theme-list-roundup-posts are an effective way of doing this.

    The exciting stuff that’s the mainstay of WPShout content will remain and I’ve got some awesome stuff lined up, though!

    The competition I’ve just started might be worth a mention, too — there are hundreds of themes to be won!

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