Akismet has now caught over 20 billion spam comments

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Alex Shiels, from Automattic’s Akismet team, announced this week that Akismet has now caught just over 20 billion spam comments. That’s a b. Twenty billion. That’s a pretty huge number, but Shiels breaks down the stats for us:

To put that in perspective: if Akismet users had to spend one second manually deleting each of those comments, it would have taken over 600 years to moderate them all. (And each new day’s flood of spam would add another year to the queue).

So let me ask: what are you going to do with your saved time? After all, 600 years is quite a bit of time to spend on new hobbies. You could spend that extra time watching the Akismet spam counter tick up to 30 billion spams. That would be a beautifully ironic waste of time.

Here’s to another 20 billion!