New version of Akismet brings commenter recognition and link previews


As Alex Shiels puts it on the Akismet blog, the new update is the first release “in a long time” that has any visible new features. Typically the updates are done in the background. In other words, typically they are making magic happen behind the scenes. But with version 2.5, Akismet brings a few fun new features.

Top of the pile is a user’s approved number of comments, so moderators immediately know whether someone’s a newcomer or not. Links in comments are now highlighted, revealing their destinations plainly next to the link.┬áComments also have status histories, and those spam/unspam reports now contain more information as to why they are there in the first place.

We’ve been enjoying these new, very visible features for a bit now on WPCandy. Have you noticed them? Whether you have or not, there’s a nice overview of the new stuff in the video, just after the jump.

Okay, so fess up: How many spam comments has Akismet killed for you? Since the relaunch, WPCandy has been spared nearly 30,000 spam comments. How about you?

3 thoughts on “New version of Akismet brings commenter recognition and link previews

  1. My numbers aren’t as great. See, I use Cookies for Comments and Simple Trackback Validation on my sites, which actually block like 99% of spams before they even make it into the Akismet check. So on my major two sites, Akismet has only blocked 2413 spams, because the others were simply too obviously automatically generated.

    Actually, I think this is rather interesting, since it shows that most comment spammers are simply using easily recognizable tools which don’t even pass the most basic automated checks for spam. CFC, for example, uses probably the simplest possible method to detect comments coming from a non-web-browser. No captchas, no clever scanning technique. It just sets a cookie from the main page then looks for it on the comment submission. And this simple method straight blocks almost all spam. STV does even simpler checks on incoming pingbacks.

    It’s like spammers aren’t even really trying, honestly.

  2. I’m at 114,013, with an accuracy rate of 99.4%. Barely any false positives, but I still have to manually remove a couple of comments every day. Without Akismet, I’d probably have to shut down the comments entirely.

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