Advertising Specials, Advanced Developers, and Tutorial Requests


WPInspiration Advertising Special

Last week we announced two new projects that will be launching in the next month or so: WPInspiration and WPBranding. Mike and I finalized the design yesterday and we’ve launched into the development stage, just over two weeks before our planned launch on the last Wednesday of October.

Today we’d like to make note of a special pre-launch advertising special for WPInspiration. From now until October 29th, we’re selling eight banner slots for just $35/mo for the first three months. After the site launches WPI ad rates for new advertisers will be bumped up to $50, so take advantage of this deal now to appear on the site on launch day when a large traffic surge is expected. E-mail us at if interested.

Advanced Developers Wanted

Do you consider yourself an advanced WordPress developer? We’re looking for some coders to appear as guest authors here on WPCandy and share some advanced WordPress techniques with our readers. Advanced loops, working with custom fields, or integrating advanced plugins are all topics that could be covered. All authors will be paid. Drop us a line at to discuss your ideas and rates with us.

What Do You Want to See?

Amidst this busy time for us of launching new sites and managing others, we want to focus more on the core of WPCandy that is content. Our articles and tutorials are the backbone of WPCandy, and we feel that it should be left up to you to decide what types of writing you’d like to see on this site.

More tutorials or a bit more advanced stuff? Another help sheet? More theme and plugin lists? Sound off in the comments – we’ll take all ideas into consideration when planning the next month of WPCandy content.

~The WPCandy Team

3 thoughts on “Advertising Specials, Advanced Developers, and Tutorial Requests

  1. I’d love to see more plugin lists and themes. I would also love to see more advanced stuff as well.

    You guys are doing great! Can’t wait to see how WPInspiration and WPBranding works out. Best of luck!

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