AdSanity plugin from Pixel Jar nearing alpha and end of craziness


There are a couple of advertising management/rotation options out there. WP125 and AdRotate come to mind as free plugins, though I admit I’ve never use them myself. The folks at Pixel Jar, Brandon Dove and Jeffrey Zinn, are working on an option of their own called AdSanity, pictured above, which is scheduled for release soon.

It appears they are nearing an alpha release of the plugin, which will at least let folks get their hands on it and check it out. Until then I suppose the madness will continue, right? If you want, you can always fight the urge to lose your mind by following their progress on Twitter and joining their mailing list.

Since I haven’t used them myself, I’m curious about the other ad plugin options. Which ones are the best, and what have none of the plugins done yet?

2 thoughts on “AdSanity plugin from Pixel Jar nearing alpha and end of craziness

  1. Brandon’s given me an early look at AdSanity too. As someone that’s never used an Ad plugin before it was amazing easy to figure out and get up and running. I was impressed with first iteration and it’s grown tremendously well polished since then. Obviously knowing Brandon and Jeff I’m a little biased, but those guys seriously know how to write good clean fast and cacheable code in proper WordPress style.

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