Adii Pienaar unveils One Percent Project, raises funds for computer access

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Adii Pienaar isn’t afraid to get involved with non-profits in his business, launching the One Percent Project while also preparing for another year with The Rockstar Foundation.

The One Percent Project is a new initiative intended to raise money in order to provide computer access to Simonsberg Primary School in Cape Town South Africa. According to the One Percent website, by donating just 1% of the value of your own computer setup, Simonsberg’s technical situation can be drastically improved.

Pienaar describes the thinking behind the project on his blog:

All of us uses our computers all day long and I bet that most of us normally can’t wait to upgrade our computer setups to the latest tech (rewarding ourselves for our hard work). I know I do that… So this project is all about giving something (very related) back to enable those that will not get the opportunity otherwise.

For an introduction to the project see their video, which is embedded just after the jump.

As of this writing, 75% of their goal has been reached. Visit their site if you’re interested in donating.