Achievements plugin will achieve BuddyPress independence in next release


BuddyPress core developer Paul Gibbs has a fun BuddyPress-only plugin called Achievements that lets you reward users within your BuddyPress enabled blog. Think XBOX Live achievements meets your WordPress blog (or just watch this video to see Achievements in action). Of course that’s BuddyPress only, so unfortunately that leaves the majority of WordPress blogs out.

The word on the street is that the next major release of Achievements won’t require BuddyPress to function, and will be able to run on any old WordPress installation. In this case the street was Gibbs’ blog and the word is actually a number of words he wrote in a post on that blog.

The plan is for the plugin to come out after BuddyPress 1.3, which is planned for the next month or so.

Would you add Achievements to your blog if BuddyPress wasn’t required? Speaking of which, we clearly need a mint-driven scavenger hunt on WPCandy. This must happen.

5 thoughts on “Achievements plugin will achieve BuddyPress independence in next release

  1. This does sound like a fantastic addition to a blog, readers can earn achievements! I am an Xbox nut (not too great at getting achievements) however satisfied when I do get one.

    Great to hear that this plugin would work minus a buddypress install, I like buddypress but it is a bit too much for my needs. A simple to use achievement system would put a lot of sites (in terms of interactivity) up there with Mashables achievements section.

    Look forward to it!

  2. That sounds cool, I’d love to have something like that on my blog, rewarding commenters for reaching different ‘levels’ after a certain amount of comments.

  3. I would definitely love to enable Achievements on a Multi-Site network I run. I will definitely continue to follow this interesting plugin!

  4. The Achievements plugin would be a perfect fit for a website I’m working on at the moment. Looking forward to the BP independent version!

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