Aboard Entrepreneurship collects essays from the top web entrepreneurs

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aboard entrepreneurship

Adii Pienaar has announced the creation of Aboard Entrepreneurship, a project to collect essays from some of the top entrepreneurs on the web. While this is not specifically WordPress related, some of the contributors to the project are very important to the WordPress community.

  • Matt Mullenweg – the founder of Automattic and project lead for WordPress.org.
  • Jason Baptiste – the founder of what is now known as OnSwipe, formerly PadPressed, a tablet publishing aid originally built as a WordPress plugin.
  • Collis Ta’eed – CEO of Envato, the company behind the massive ThemeForest theme marketplace, Nettuts, and a ton of other crazy successful stuff.
  • Adii Pienaar – Founder of WooThemes, perhaps the largest WordPress commercial theme shop, Adii will also be contributing essays to the project.

On the Aboard Entrepreneurship website, they share more with us about the project’s purpose:

None of the contributors are profiting financially from this project. Instead all of the proceeds raised via the project will be used to create bursaries for aspiring business students. We hope this completes the (entrepreneurial) empowerment circle.

It will be interesting to follow the progress of Aboard Entrepreneurship. Thousands (perhaps millions) of us follow these influential WordPress enterpreneurs, and some of the other contributors will be very interesting to hear from as well.

Edit: Adii has posted about Aboard Entrepreneurs on his personal blog, and it appears the essays will indeed turn into a book. He also notes that he will be announcing many new contributors to the project over the next couple of weeks.

Based on the website, it appears the essays may evolve into a book, so we’ll follow that for you as well. In the meantime, check out the website and follow @Adii on Twitter, as he promises he’ll be talking about Aboard Entrepreneurs a lot over the next few weeks.