Aaron Brazell steps back from his full time role at WP Engine

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Aaron Brazell, the author of the WordPress Bible, announced on his blog that his role at WordPress hosting company WP Engine has changed, effective immediately. Brazell will be stepping back from his full time role as co-founder of WP Engine to instead act in an advisory role.

WP Engine has offered services and consulting on top of their WordPress hosting, though according to Brazell the company is moving away from this in order to focus on only the hosting aspect of the business. He explained that he will be moving that part of the business outside of WP Engine on his own:

However, as the company has evolved, taken funding, hired more people, addressed growth challenges and built out our hosting option, it seemed clear that the professional services portion of the company was a separate kind of deal than what we wanted to focus on.

So today, I’ll be taking that portion of the company (and all related existing and current relationships, as agreed on), and working on that. Meanwhile, I’ll still be working with the company to guide direction and strategy. So it’s good for everyone.

Brazell explained in his post that he is now open to any consulting work, and is even entertaining full time opportunities. He invites anyone interested in working with him to get in touch, via his blog post.

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  1. I recently moved my clients to WP Engine and I must say their hosting rocks. It is great to see that their focus is now even more on rock solid WP hosting as their core business.

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