Mystery session at WordCamp Miami: a panel of female WordPress developers


If you’ve paid attention to the WordCamp Miami schedule you may have seen the mystery session listed in the beginner’s track at 10:40am. It turns out that session will be a panel, made up entirely of female WordPress designers and developers, which should be great. Just as fun, the title of the session is “WordPress Plugins Even Charlie Sheenย Could Love”. Yup.

Why that title, you ask?

Organizer David Bisset filled us in. It seems the session title was originally just a placeholder, but it accidentally went to the printers that way. So, like any good organizational team, they’re running with it. In any case, we’ll be sure to liveblog this mystery panel, along with the rest you folks have chosen to hear about in the poll earlier today.

Honestly, I was just happy to have an excuse to crop Charlie Sheen into an image with a WordPress logo. Time well spent, I’d say.

5 thoughts on “Mystery session at WordCamp Miami: a panel of female WordPress developers

  1. One of the first times I’ve heard of such a session. I remember seeing Jane Wells, Lisa Sabin-Wilson on stage at the time as part of a panel but it did’nt deal specifically with Women in tech. If I were there, I’d ask the panel why is it that there are so few women in tech?

  2. Thanks for covering this Ryan
    Denise and I would probably identify ourselves as front-end developers, we are both CSS fanatics! Denise Jacobs even wrote a book about it!
    The point of the panel was to present plugins to the beginner crowd, and David wanted to give the mic to us ladies to showcase the diverse appeal of WordPress. We all noticed a lack of women presenting, but I don’t think that’s entirely representative of the developer population. We just need to give the ladies the support and tools to get up there and teach!!

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