9seeds releases WP Event Ticketing plugin, partly to help organize WordCamps


9seeds released the WP Event Ticketing plugin earlier this month. The free plugin was inspired from their own frustrations with the ticket ordering process of WordCamp Las Vegas 2010. They were organizing the WordCamp and wished they could handle the ordering process themselves.

John Hawkins wrote this about why the created the WP Event Ticketing plugin:

One of the main reasons being we didn’t want to pay a third party site to handle the ticket sales for the event since they charge per ticket. Sure, we could have passed the cost on to the ticket buyer, but that’s just not how we roll! Instead, we got to work building a WordPress plugin; WP Event Ticketing.

The plugin gives you all of the features you’ll need to sell tickets to your event.

Features include:

  • Real-time payments through PayPal
  • Multiple ticket types & restriction capabilities for quantities available
  • Maximum attendance restrictions
  • Coupons (single or multiple use)
  • Email notifications to all registered attendees
  • Summary reports

You can see a full list of features here or just download it and try it out yourself.

The team at 9seeds is currently working on Event Ticketing Pro, which will have a ton of additional features. You can sign up for the 9seeds newsletter to be notified when the pro version is released.

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