92% of surveyed developers use WordPress as a CMS


The official WordPress survey was taken about a month ago, and the fruits of that research will be at least partially on display during Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word address later this morning.

I happened across a sneak peek at a few of those official numbers yesterday, via totally legitimate means of course. It was either a very kind release of fun information for the readers here at WPCandy, or a series of facts scribbled on a piece of paper I found discarded on the conference floor. I’ll never tell.

First of all, there were over 18,000 people who responded and took the survey. Of those 18,000 who called themselves developers, 92% say they’re using WordPress as a CMS, or content management system. There are more numbers to be had, but not until the State of the Word.

Would you like more numbers like that? Yeah, me too.

If you’d like to catch Mullenweg’s State of the Word (and more of this really interesting survey data) when it happens today, you can do that by watching the official livestream¬†at 11:30 am PST. If you’re going to be virtually joining the number of attendees at WordCamp today, leave a note below so we can wave at you on camera.

12 thoughts on “92% of surveyed developers use WordPress as a CMS

  1. Are there plans to beef up WP’s CMS capabilities? Most devs may use it as such but we all know it’s lacking in this area. It’s almost sad… Devs like using WP but it’s lagging so far behind in becoming what they want it to be.

  2. I don’t get what the f* is “WordPress as a CMS”. Honestly. That makes no f* sense. It’s just like saying “Ferrari as a car”.

    • Well the obvious answer is “WordPress as a blog platform.” But the point is well taken — if you’re a developer, you’re by definition using WP as a CMS if you’re using it at all.

      I don’t know. I guess you could make the argument that some theme developers aren’t.

      By the way, whenever I hear someone say that WP is lacking in its CMS capabilities, my stock answer is that they’ll change their mind as soon as they even skim through your Plugin Development book.

    • That’s f* hilarious. Of course it’s an f* CMS, if you’re using WP to manage your f* content then you’re using it as an f* CMS, whether for blogging or anything else. Content is f* content.

      I get more out of WP then I have with any other CMS.

  3. would be nice to be able to create custom post types with a parent child relationship . For example: a car custom post type and a “car parts” custom post type.

  4. Ryan, great to meet you in San Fran at WordCamp. It’s incredibly motivating to see these numbers increasing continually.

  5. I don’t understand where the survey respondents come from. If they came through a WP channel then of course nearly 100% of them would have used WP before. Kind of skews the answer without being in context. So where was the survey being advertised?

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