8BIT puts Pro Photo Theme up for sale on Flippa


8BIT has placed their photography theme, Pro Photo Theme, up for public auction on Flippa. The buy it now price is $35,000 and the bidding starts at $10,000. The auction will close in just under seven days. According to 8BIT’s John Saddington, the team has decided to sell Pro Photo to provide more bandwidth for themselves to support “big changes coming [their] way”.

In the listing the team disclosed their revenue to date, which is likely interesting to anyone who has dabbled in selling WordPress themes before. The theme launched in May and since then has brought in $11,000 in gross sales with a net profit at $8,600. The team estimates that the theme could gross over $20,000 per year. A number of other stats are available, along with more questions and answers about the theme itself, on Flippa.

Normally on this blog we talk about buying themes from an end user’s perspective, and not as a business looking to resell it. What do you think of 8BIT’s auction here, and do you think they’ll see any bites before the auction is up?

9 thoughts on “8BIT puts Pro Photo Theme up for sale on Flippa

  1. Net profit seems to be used out of context here (or in the classic way of spinning things online). It’s just revenue minus affiliate fees.

    I think one would be better off bootstrapping / financing a new WP theme place if they’re in the mood for running one. You learn a ton in the process and then have the added benefit of knowing your product inside out. For the more unethical ones out there, one could simply replicate the major code ideas and again be in business for a lot less.

    Slightly different perspective: If your hourly rate is $100/h and you make $15k in a year (“net profits”) that’s a 150 hours of your time. Can you fit support, updates, marketing, administration into 25 minutes per day?

    Anyway, just food for thought and best of luck with the sale 🙂

  2. I wish them good luck … but … if someone doesn’t know enough to create their own theme, how will they be able to support users or keep it compatible with each new version of WordPress?

    And, if it has made a net profit (I don’t think their definition of net is correct) of roughly $1000 per month during the first 8 months of it’s life, when it was shiny and new, how on Earth will it make almost twice that in succeeding years? I note the almost half that money was made in the first month of release, with another uptick on the approach to Christmas.

    Then again, people buy all sorts of dumb things on Flippa, it is like the early days of ebay, perhaps they are just flying a kite to see if anyone bites. I wish them luck but I hope that the (notional) buyer doesn’t get too badly burned.

  3. nice theme, never used it myself, only used photocrati, but im sure it will get offers, if its making money, usally someone on flippa always buys.

    i am a future customer thats for sure

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