8BIT launches Pro Photo Theme just for photo bloggers


8BIT launched a standalone photo blogging theme this week called Pro Photo Theme. Pro Photo joins Standard and Live in their growing lineup of purpose-specific WordPress themes.

Even if you’re not a photo blogger, be sure to click through the jump and check out their launch video, which is solid. Can all theme launches come with something like this now? If nothing else, it makes my job much more fun.

In addition to WordPress themes, 8BIT also runs a tight community of bloggers. Fitting, right? You may remember we interviewed 8BIT’s founder John Saddington some time ago. Sounds like a followup might be in order.

If you run a photo blog, does Pro Photo look interesting to you? And if not, would you consider something like Pro Photo to replace Twitpic and other photo sharing services when you post photos to Twitter? Even those photos deserve a solid WordPress home. I mean, how else will the world know what you just ate for dinner, am I right?

10 thoughts on “8BIT launches Pro Photo Theme just for photo bloggers

  1. I gave this theme a look and it has the usual treatment of 8BIT thoroughness. Should be a good theme for photobloggers and pro photographers who want to put their portfolio online. Very flexible theme.

  2. Are the 8BIT guys aware that there is already a very popular and awesome theme called ProPhoto at http://www.prophotoblogs.com/

    It’s been around for years and is very popular in the photog scene. Props for a cool theme but naming it something that already exists seems a bit disingenuous to me.

    Or maybe I’m out of the loop on something….

    • I don’t see the issue really, every third photography business is called “prophoto” in one way or another 😉 And if you’re not flickr it’s probably a good idea to use various photography keywords across domain naming, site copy, etc.

  3. prophoto theme is really good for photo bloggers and image enthusiasts , and it help them to arrange

    their sites better with this specific theme besides the graphic is high quality and flexible , i believe that there is a lot of specific photo bloggers themes also videos .

    Thanks for sharing

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