Struggling with your 3.3 upgrade? This forum thread has you covered.

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With the best intentions we at WPCandy published a post where we’ve tracked the various plugin conflicts and issues we’ve heard about since WordPress 3.3 was announced. It did its job, but then I ran across this thread started by Ipstenu in the support forums.

Okay, so imagine completing a cart-wheel and congratulating yourself, then turning around and seeing a world glass gymnast kind of chuckling to herself. That’s sort of what I feel like now, except instead of a gymnast I turn around to face Ipstenu, a Half-Elf Support Rogue. No, seriously, that’s her title in the WordPress forums.

If you were relying on our measly post on the topic so far this week, go ahead and forget about it and focus on that forum thread. It’s solid and has a ton more information than ours does.

Nice one, my elven friend, but this isn’t over. We will meet again.