100+ Tweets on the 2.7 Release


Here are 100+ tweets of people’s comment on the WordPress 2.7 release. All these tweets were posted in a span of only about 5 hours, which to me shows that the release sure did generate quite some buzz!

@tiddlytwinks: Howdy everyone! I’m anxious to read more on the WordPress 2.7 upgrade and any bugs or problems before doing any upgrading.

@cherylprolapse: loves loves loves loves LOVES the new wordpress (2.7). Keeps getting better and it is christ’ing free ‘naids!

@sean_lynch: Upgraded to WordPress 2.7 as soon as it came out so I can’t possibly update the day before the next version gets released

@homemakerbarbi: Just upgraded to the new WordPress 2.7 tonight. It’ll take some getting used to.

@nerwin: WordPress 2.7 Rocks! I love it! Much more Web 2.0

@webtrepreneur: Loving the new quick edit feature on WordPress, works great.

@jarques: Playing with the new WordPress 2.7, they did a really good job with the new Dashboard.

@jwiltshire: Is timestamp editing in WordPress 2.7 broken for everybody, or just me?

@5and1: wow. wordpress 2.7!

@adamloving: The game-changing features in WordPress 2.7 are not the UI improvements. It is the easy-install plugins and support for XMLRPC comments.

@h3h: WordPress 2.7 is very slick.

@schneidermike: WordPress 2.7 is beautiful. It even blogs for you.

@forpawz: *pouts* I don’t like the new WordPress that Nikki loves. It’s different and I don’t handle change well! *sniff*

@labmistress: Love the new WordPress back end! Viva la upgrade!

@juliettemaxwell: Ahh the WordPress Dashboard is completely different!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAa

@18percentgrey: Congratulations to the WordPress team.. 2.7 is really nicely thought out UI wise, and appears indeed much faster. Hats off for hard work!!

@mambabyte: Oh, WordPress 2.7, thank you for not totally ruining my life. Thank you for making things easy.

@fienen: So apparently those no longer any need for the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin. Neat.

@Robertology: Updated WordPress to 2.7 Loads of changes on the admin side. Looks very nice.

@swfgeek: Still amazed with the new wordpress πŸ˜›

@wepe: Yeah, I hated it at first, but the new WordPress admin is pretty slick. They definitely put a lot of work into it. I likes now.

@dilvie: Just installed WordPress 1.7. Wow. Really impressed with the new UI already!

@jeremyzach: installing wordpress 2.7. me likey

@mbalara: Whoa, big changes in WordPress 2.7.

@knithropologist: Apologies to anyone who might have tried to view the site in the last hour – the upgrade to the new (amazing) WordPress was time-consuming.

@DustinMooney: Loving the new WordPress Upgrade!

@nazroll: wordpress 2.7 is a thing of beauty πŸ˜€

@moearora: Just installed WordPress 2.7. I’m a little disoriented but it looks pretty fly!

@avidbookreader: wordpress 2.7 is now officially out – be afraid. Be _very_ afraid.

@thynctank: upgrading my WordPress to 2.7…. here goes nothing, I guess. Will it be the Last Manual Upgrade?

@Kunal: Just upgraded to WordPress 2.7 — beautiful new admin UI. http://wordpress.org/development/2008/12/coltrane/

@shelbylane: Just upgraded WordPress and the new interface is pretty slick.

@techienadine: WordPress looks much better now! And more… confusing.

@epicexperiences: WordPress 2.7 has a swanky interface. I like it! #wordpress

@buckmuck: WordPress 2.7 is a neat edition. I like the feature which integrates upgrading.

@gordonbrander: Dear @photomatt and @wordpress thanks for a great release.

@designmilk: @wordpress 2.7 = magical!

@base2wave: YOWZA. THe UI change for WordPress 2.7 was a bit of a jarring experience after upgrading. It will take some time to adjust.

@darkdriving: Wow, the finished version of WordPress 2.7 is really out of this world. I think we’ll be great friends.

@harzack86: Personal blog upgraded to WordPress 2.7: up and running in a breeze, nice admin interface. Kudos to the WP team!

@DawnMHSH: Whoa! Just upgraded my WordPress and it’s a whole new dashboard!

@dtraleigh: New WordPress update is slick.

@topicm: Wow! WordPress 2.7 dashboard is completely different…I like it! Now, let’s figure out how to use it. πŸ™‚

@jerekeys: Liking the WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” interface.

@fallapart: Holy crap do I love the WordPress 2.7 dashboard!!! I just want to stare at it…

@fraying: WordPress 2.7 is a thing of beauty. Great job @photomatt and Team Automattic.

@conchordgirl: Updating wordpress went smoothly. It will take some time to get use to new admin.

@extraheavy: Just upgraded to WordPress 2.7. Flawless. I love the black and gray color scheme. So far so good.

@corypina: Upgraded to @wordpress 2.7 … Wow.

@magickalrealism: Woah! The new WordPress Upgrade makes the dashboard almost uncrecognizable!

@MaxOng: WordPress 2.7’s new interface is cool!

@plustwo: WP 2.7 – http://www.wordpress.org – is pretty cool. Still room for improvement – but some nice UI changes in this release.

@themacboy: New wordpress 2.7 is pretty!

@CraneFactory: For what its worth all of my blogs are upgraded to WordPress 2.7 and I have had no problems at all.

@rogieking: WordPress 2.7 is installed and awesome!

@mboylan: WOW. 2.7 is AMAZING. Very nice job, WordPress team.

@clark_mackey: wordpress 2.7 is a HOME RUN! Greatness!

@cailean: WordPress 2.7 design suprised me. So far, I love it.

@robotchampion: the rate of change and development with wordpress is just astounding, the new layout design seems pretty on the ball

@ryanmcmillan: the new admin interface in WordPress 2.7 is a HUGE improvement…what do you think?

@keithnorm: whoa, wordpress 2.7 interface is pretty slick

@mummifiedx5: getting confused with the new wordpress dashboard…I don’t like it when things get changed on me LOL

@SuzeMuse: I’m likin’ the new WordPress. πŸ™‚

@sptrobb: I am loving WordPress 2.7! Great new interface.

@aaronlerch: Ooo, WordPress 2.7 admin interface is shiny!

@Bodhipaksa: About to upgrade wildmind.org to WordPress 2.7. I must confess to some anxiety.

@Twev1701: Really liking the new Dashboard in WordPress 2.7.

@bcadGroup: WordPress 2.7: If You Don’t Like It, Change It

@mste: just upgraded wordpress to 2.7, ui enhancements are nice.

@Tabz: Just updated BBtL to WordPress 2.7 – it’s so darn pretty.

@Gnorb: Dear WordPress: You got updating of the core and a plugin browser. Both are awesome. Now how ”bout showing some love for themes?

@andyed: upgrading wordpress installs. v2.7 is impressive, lots of good UI work and wide feature growth. see http://delicious.com/andyed/wordpress

@mbennett10: loves wordpress 2.7

@deadfashionista: WTF, WordPress? WHY? *pokes at DRASTICALLY different layout* But… but… Where’s my stuff now?

@bytebot: I started with WordPress 1.0 in 2004, and I’m now at WordPress 2.7. It has changed leaps and bounds! The interface just keeps getting better

@Themoleskin: Installing wordpress 2.7 to start getting used to the new interface.

@JoshSommers: Seems like everytime WordPress releases an update, my day disappears.. Too many blogs, too little time πŸ™‚ Very cool new interface though!

@smizzo: I’ve died and gone to heaven with WordPress 2.7. Seriously.

@dturnbull: Also, WordPress 2.7 is awesome.

@webmacster87: I am totally falling in love with WordPress 2.7, particularly how I can now make clutter disappear with the new “Screen Options” drop-down.

@agent0x0: Wow..just upgraded to WordPress 2.7..the admin interface is rockin! Huge improvement! πŸ™‚

@mskramst: Updated all my blogs to new WordPress 2.7. Much better.

@MelissaMcClure: Upgraded to the latest WordPress. I hate doing that. Even though I backup, i hold my breath the entire time!!! Love the new WP layout!

@peterchng: Updating to WordPress 2.7… loving the new UI!

@oticellos: upgraded wordpress to 2.7… just got used to the admin and they completely change it

@kjarrett: @damian613 Wait until you start exploring. Try updaing some plugins. Amazing. Really, really should be WordPress 3.0!

@MrsMedcalf: holy shit.. i was JUST still getting used to the uhh like uhh previous version of wordpress and it got changed AGAIN… uhh just UMMM yeah

@fbilodeau: Updated to WordPress 2.7 … Trying to figure out new Admin page.

@jmaver: Updated our blogs to WordPress 2.7. Very nice UI. I like the auto-update stuff too

@walkblind: whooooa hello there fancy new wordpress back end. wasn’t expecting such dazzle!

@evancurry: likes WordPress 2.7

@atulkarmarkar: WordPress 2.7 rocks !!!

@jamiejackson: @wordpress 2.7 is incredible! lovin’ on Coltrane – a little bit of life just got better.

@martysdomain: Curse you wordpress 2.7!

@MiracleMan: WordPress 2.7’s new interface is pretty slick. Worth the upgrade!

@romant: just upgraded my wordpress install to 2.7 – nice! I quite like the new dashboard

@keligwyn: I’m getting used to the new WordPress blog dashboard and really like it. Does seem faster and more user friendly.

@dturnbull: Loving WordPress 2.7 at the moment

@shawnduffy: I am _really_ liking the new wordpress 2.7 admin interface… nice!

@janetalkstech: Wow! me likes wordpress 2.7.

@joshuamneff: WordPress upgrade done & successful. Wow, the backend is really different!

@L_Dawson: Updated my wordpress blogs to 2.7…so far loving it

@rikt: WordPress 2.7 is looking pretty sweet. Ok, gotta focus on work.


So, some people understandably had problem getting used to the new dashboard layout, but the overwhelming majority seemed to love the upgrade. This was a triumph, great success indeed. Great work Automattic!

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  1. I am very excited for wordpress 2.7! Cant wait to try it out. Anyone know when Rockable Press’ WordPress Rockstar will be released?

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