10 Twitter Users You Should Follow


Twitter is awesome. It’s a great tool for quick communication and an even more awesome tool for social networking. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know I’m quite active and love to tweet (update my status) with funny and random things, but still talk about news on WordPress.

Anyways, Twitter is only fun when you’re following certain people. If you follow boring people who tweet about boring stuff, your timeline gets backed up with boring crap. That’s boring, obviously.

Here’s a list of the Twitter users, that I follow, that tweet most about WordPress news.

  1. photomatt (ma.tt)
  2. jeffr0 (jeffro2pt0.com)
  3. chris24 (chris24.ca)
  4. nathanrice (nathanrice.net)
  5. travishines
  6. ozh (planetozh.com)
  7. danphilibin (danphilibin.com)
  8. michaelcastilla (wpcandy.com)
  9. ilovetypography (ilovetypography.com)
  10. wordpress (wordpress.org)

If you follow someone else who talks a lot about WordPress, please share in the comments! Enjoy.

11 thoughts on “10 Twitter Users You Should Follow

  1. Dude,
    you SHOULD know: users are lazy, provide clickable links!

    Other than that: handy post, I might get active twittering again!

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