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Audio can be tought on the web, particularly when it comes to presenting it in a pleasant way. Too often the available players are large or unwieldy, and don’t fit within the site design they’re a part of.

With a Plugin called WP Audio Player by Martin Laine, though, this isn’t much of an issue anymore. This Plugin provides a simple little player using shortcodes, it supports playlists, and it’s skinnable. What more could you want?

For example, this is what the player looks like when in use on WPCandy:

First, you’ll want to grab the Plugin from the WordPress directory and install it. You can also check its website for additional documentation.

So briefly, once the Plugin is set up, you can add the audio player to your posts with this shortcode:


Loading up playlists is pretty simple, too:

audio:your_mp3_file_1.mp3,your_mp3_file_2.mp3|titles=The title 1,The title 2|artists=The artist 1,The artist 2

Now, I’ve never skinned the player before, but it seems pretty simple within the Plugin itself.

WPCandy uses this Plugin for all of its podcasts to allow in-post listening, as opposed to iTunes or RSS subscriptions. We’ve been using it a while, and couldn’t really ask for any changes to it.

Honestly, this is a simple decision. It’s the best Plugin out there for this purpose. You should be using it.

5 thoughts on “Play audio painlessly with WordPress Audio Player

  1. That’s a good plugin but it’s flash only.
    I recently used Degradable HTML5 audio and video for a client and I was pretty happy with it. It’s really barebone but uses HTML5 wherever it’s supported and has a flash fallback. The greatest advantage: it works on iPhones.

    • Thanks for the link to degradeable. I spent 3 hours trying to get the audio player working on my site. It was only after installing this plugin and using the code that I finally got the thing working. Many tbanks KostasNi.

  2. I build my own wordpress theme, i use this plugin but can’t load the audio file. why?

    if i use twenty ten theme , there is no problem in playing audio player

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