The world’s best (and only) WordPress podcasts


Blogs about WordPress are awesome. That’s just a fact1. The wisest among WordPress bloggers, though, have realized that the path into the brain of the WordPress user is quicker if taken via the ears, rather than the eyeballs. It’s science, folks2.

WordPress blogs are all over the place, but WordPress-focused podcasts aren’t nearly as common. There are a few, though, and those that are out there are by and large well produced, entertaining shows. We’ve gathered a list, which will continue to be updated, with all of the WordPress podcasts you (probably) should be listening to.¬†Each show is detailed, with a few reasons why each is worth your time, just after the jump.

1 For the sake of argument.
2 Not really.

The WordPress Podcast

The WordPress Podcast is hosted by Joost de Valk and Frederick Townes. The format typically involves interviewing a guest (like Andrew Nacin and John O’Nolan) and touching on a few WordPress issues. Shows come out intermittently, typically a couple each month, but are solid when they do.

WordPress Weekly

Jeff Chandler has hosted the longest-running WordPress podcast, WordPress Weekly, for over 100 episodes and spanning two years of WordPress history.

Jeff has taken a break from the podcast, and blogging about WordPress, at his site. But even without current updates it’s worth it to go dig through the WordPress Weekly archives and check out past episodes.


WordCast, hosted by Lorelle VanFossen, Dave Moyer, and Kym Huynh, has been running strong for over 80 episodes so far. Shows vary in topic, from WordPress-only topics to world events. Episodes are consistently weekly, which is really something unique among WordPress podcasts.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t kept up with WordCast as well as I should have. But it’s a staple in the WordPress podcasting community, so check it out if you’re looking for something new.

The WordPress Plugins Podcast

The WordPress Plugins Podcast is hosted by Angelo Mandato. Each episode features a different WordPress plugin, with its features described and usage detailed in just a few minutes. If you enjoy casually browsing for new and interesting plugins (and who doesn’t?) this podcast is likely for you.

Unfortunately this one hasn’t been updated since summer of 2010, but even so there are about fifty episodes in the archives that you could download and stick on an iPod.

WPCandy WordPress Podcast

It feels odd putting our own podcast on this list, as it has yet to prove itself as the others here have. We only have about a dozen shows completed so far, and are still finding our ideal format. Typically there are two hosts, sometimes a guest or two, and only WordPress topics. Check out the WPCandy WordPress Podcast and let us know what you think!

Weigh in on WordPress podcasts

Have we missed one? Is there another regularly updated source of WordPress audio goodness that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments if that’s the case.

What’s missing in WordPress podcasts? What hasn’t been done, that you would like to point at your ears?

4 thoughts on “The world’s best (and only) WordPress podcasts

  1. I guess this is a good place to announce I’m working on a new WordPress centric podcast. Still working out a few details, but it will be more of a topic driven show, as the news and interview podcasts are filling that niche quite well. Title TK. I am interested to know what the WpCandy community would like to hear in a podcast.

  2. I’m glad you put yourselves on the list, though; I’ve only listened to a couple of episodes of the “mainstream” podcasts, but I eagerly await the next WPCandy podcast. Why? You guys are funny as hell.

    Podcasts are, imho, best when informative and entertaining. I’d rather listen to you guys banter and joke around (I mean, where else do you hear classic Seth McFarlane references?) more than a dry, news-only show any day.

  3. They are/were a few different other WP centric Podcasts but they are/were video and mostly focused on theme building. They all faded though and I think your list is pretty current and complete. I like the WordPress Community Podcast because it’s really all WordPress and you’ll also have some advanced topics discussed every once in a while. Jeff is great but apparently he lost interest because there are bigger things in life than WP and that’s ok (as you mentioned it’s worth to go and check out the archives).

    I also follow WordCast Podcast but they recently switched to a more open format talking all things on the web not just WordPress and I would rate this one more beginner or entertainment focused.

    – Nicolas

  4. Not normally all about self-promotion, but you missed my WordPress podcast over at I know you wrote this article over a year ago, but my show is one of the only ones that is updated regularly. I haven’t missed putting out a weekly show in 60 weeks.

    Take a look and let me know what you think!


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