WordPress Coda Clips Collection


CodaPanic just released version 1.5 of the popular all-in-one website editor, Coda. Included with this release was the ability to import and export clips into and out of Coda. We took it upon ourselves to add almost every tag on the very useful WordPress function list to Coda and export them as a group for y’all to use. Just download the zip, extract, double-click the file, and you’re ready to go!

If you’re looking for individual clips, Sam Brown, the designer of the WPCandy layout, runs a nice site called Coda Clips with hundreds of useful clips.

Download the WordPress Coda Clips file

49 thoughts on “WordPress Coda Clips Collection

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  5. This is really making my life easier! Its also making the whole process of setting up a WordPress site even easier for clients!


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  10. This is fantastic. I already setup a few basci wordpress clips before seeing this but this is much more comprehensive. Problem is when I add it to Coda is pulls through alot of gobbeldy gook as well.

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  12. Many thanks for putting together this awesome clips collection!

    Just one small point – the shortcut for ‘Blog Charset’ is ‘blogcharser’ by default in the download. I’m assuming that’s a little typo and you meant ‘blogcharset’.

    Thanks a lot.

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  15. Would be nice if you could upload this again. I recently lost these clips during a system reload and I completely forgot to back them up, doh! Found them super useful.

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