The Best of Theme Viewer: 5 Simple WordPress Themes

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I’m a sucker for simplicity. I find it very usable. The nice part about the following WordPress themes, being that they are simple, is that their uses are far more varied than other themes. This makes them very powerful, and in some cases, easy to brand and make your own.

Yourblog 2.0

Yourblog 2.0 WordPress theme

I like the colors on this one. It feels like a business or a young professional’s website.

Note: Be sure to fix the secondary list items if you go with this theme. They jut out to the side, and will need to be tweaked a bit before any serious use. A simple oversight, but an oversight nonetheless.

Amazingblog 1.0

Amazingblog 1.0 WordPress theme

The colors and gradients are very current, but then the simplicity of the content areas make them pop. I’m loving the gray to white gradient lately too.

Pure Minimalism 1.1

Pure Minimalism 1.1 WordPress theme

This one is a style all its own. I love the look and feel, and the almost snobbish simplicity of it. Someone use this and show me, I’d love to see some content in it.

Scooby Snacks 1.2

Scooby Snacks 1.2 WordPress theme

Not exactly sure where the name of this theme came from, but the style is very slick. If the header font works for you, cool, but otherwise you may want to try something that will fit with the simplicity of the rest of the theme.

Arabian Sea 1.0

Arabian Sea 1.0 WordPress theme

The curves in the header of this theme are very clean and it looks nice. The right sidebar is slightly awkward (can’t put my finger on it) but otherwise it’s very clean and simple. Useful indeed.