The Best of Theme Viewer: 5 Beautiful WordPress Themes

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I haven’t done a very good job of hiding my opinions about the default WordPress Theme Viewer. I have to say it is a bit frustrating at times. To do my part, I would like to begin featuring some of the best themes each day, to lighten the load on the part of the user: instead of weeding through to find all the good themes, just check here. Believe me, I’m pretty tough on these designs.

Today I believe I’ve chosen 5 beautiful WordPress themes that are also very usable. There’s potential with these themes.

Talian 1.0

Talian 1.0 WordPress Theme

Talian is a beautiful use of the three column layout. I especially love the look of the search bar.

Simplicity 2.0

Simplicity 2.0

Pretty much anything with the word simplicity in the title will interest me. But honestly, I thought twice about this one but ended up choosing it almost entirely because of the blocks on the left. Those are very unique, and could be a great visual marker for someone using this website. A little too colorful for my tastes maybe, but beautiful for the right person.

Genman WordPress Theme 1.1

Genman WordPress Theme 1.1

I love the possibilities of this one. I can see an academic sprucing this up and enjoying the red wine flavor of it, or a working adult choosing it as their sophisticated blog. One of my favorites (preview the test run to see this) is how the archived posts show up under a classic Previously under the main post.

It definitely needs a header though, for sure. But the capability is there, just needs a little artistic work and some know-how.

Santigwar 1.0

Santigwar 1.0 WordPress Theme

Depending on the contrast of your screen, this theme may look really good or really icky. What’s enticing about this one is the possibility. There are a number of creative thoughts that come to mind when I see this theme. Cutting the site in half, doing some sort of paper themeā€¦but even if you use it as-is, the candles are sweet and the layout isn’t half bad.

RedAtom 1.0

RedAtom 1.0 WordPress Theme

The trees did it for me. Be sure to run the test version on this one, just to appreciate the image at full size. It’s very cool. And lately I’m loving that color of red.

Those were some decent themes, one that will be good to know are around. I can think of a couple people who would be interested in each of these. More tomorrow!