The Best of Theme Viewer: 2 Cute Themes

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Maybe girly isn’t politically correct, but both of these thems at the very least have a cute theme going for them.

Any female WordPress bloggers out there to speak up on this one? I’d be curious to know if these themes really are attractive to girls—and if not, who?

Spring 1.0

Spring 1.0 WordPress theme

I do like the airiness of Spring 1.0, as well as the way the clouds are layered with the border on the right and the left of the header.

Honestly I think it was just the bunny that made me call this a girly theme.

PinkCountry 1.0

PinkCountry 1.0 WordPress theme

Pink is a bit of an understatement. How about the graphic in the back, that’s like a girl’s dream, right?

Or maybe I’m clueless. Maybe a little bit of both.