Poll: What’s your favorite new feature in WordPress 3.2?


Few things bring about the opinions and reflection in the WordPress community quite like a new version release does. We’ve already seen all sorts of opinions in our coverage of the 3.2 development process, but now that it’s out we really want to know is which features excite you the most?

We all know the only way to find out is by holding a poll. It’s just the way things work. The Internet Gods demand it.

So after you’ve had a look through WordPress 3.2’s new features and enhancements, click past the jump and have a say in our community poll.

You can choose two of the features listen in the poll below. Make your picks count!

In the poll we held for version 3.1’s release, our readers were most excited about internal linking, post formats, and custom post type archives.

If you’d like to join in the fun discussing what you’d like to see in WordPress 3.3, join in our discussion on the WPCandy forum. If you aren’t a member at the forum yet, join up!

5 thoughts on “Poll: What’s your favorite new feature in WordPress 3.2?

  1. I installed the beta a while ago and instantly fell in love with the new interface. It makes my dashboard feel less cluttered. It’s good to have organization somewhere since I can’t seem to keep things in order on my desk. I think I’ve discovered the phenomenon of tiny desk tornadoes.

  2. The speed increase is definitely for me the biggest improvement. Even though I like most admin interface changes, I cannot understand why they added this ugly dark shadow on the left hand navigation menu. So I created a plugin to fix this 😉

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