Seeing Stars: Five Post Rating Plugins


With WordPress being used in all kinds of ways nowadays, there are plenty of sites that call for some sort of post rating system, whether it be for products, resources, or sites in a gallery. What better way to rate these posts than the classic 5-star rating system? Here are five post rating plugins that do an excellent job at storing, displaying, and sorting rated posts.



  • Easy rating form display via a function
  • Comes with a variety of rating image styles and colors
  • Customizable display text
  • Filter ratings by various groups (popular by author, year, month, category, all-time, etc.)

Download the WP-PostRatings plugin

Post Star Rating


  • Easy installation
  • Show most highly-rated posts this month
  • List most popular posts at the moment and see if they’ve moved up or down in the list

Download the Post Star Rating plugin

Star Rating For Reviews


  • Customize number of stars used for ratings
  • Custom star images
  • Output lists sorted by date, post title, or overall rating
  • Change CSS prefixes for star images for easy styling
  • Insert inline ratings via a quicktag

Download the Star Rating for Reviews plugin

GD Star Rating


  • Data import from other rating plugins
  • Customize star styles & sizes
  • Saves voting data from registered users separately from regular visitors
  • Calculates rating and voting trends
  • Allows for rating moderation

Download the GD Star Rating plugin

Vote the Post


  • Simple approach, does not provide plethora of options
  • Defaults ratings to three stars to avoid “empty ratings”
  • Value system: “Below Average”, “Needs Work” ,”Average”, “Very Good”, “Excellent”

Download the Vote the Post plugin

12 thoughts on “Seeing Stars: Five Post Rating Plugins

  1. Can you confirm that WP-PostRatings doesn’t work with the latest version of WordPress?

    Oddly enough, I was looking up a post rating plugin a couple of hours ago,

  2. I’ve been using Outbrain a third party service with related plugin and I really like that. It also uses the ratings to make contextual post recommendations from other blogs using the service.

  3. I was wondering if you test these in the most recent version of WP before you suggest them. And also do you check to see how well the support is handled by the developer. I have been using Star Rating for Reviews for about a year, and the developer doesn’t respond to comments and also it barely works in 2.5 and higher.

  4. I have used WP-PostRatings and the star has appeared but when I want to rate It doesn’t work..can you help me the solution..I put this code in single.php below

  5. Thanks for the info. I’d tried WP Post Rating and found it didn’t work as expected… but GS Star Rating is just what I was looking for. Thanks again!

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