Collection of only the best “retro” and “vintage” WordPress themes


It’s hard to go wrong with a theme that harkens back to some bygone era. Retro- and vintage-themed designs have a way of tapping into the collective unconscious, building on the cultural archetypes that we’ve all inherited. They harness power and meaning from outside themselves, relying not on color and composition, but nostalgia and story. It’s from this inbuilt and very personal significance that viewers can look upon a design and call it “Classic.”

In my pursuit of retro and vintage themes, I’ve found that the WordPress community has produced far too few. Some are extremely high quality, others are bland. Some are free and some are paid. The purpose of this post is to act as an ever-growing collection of all Retro and Vintage themes available for WordPress. So without further ado…

Airmail (Free)

Anchor (Paid)

Bee Crafty (Paid)

Block Theme (Paid)

Bold Life (Free)

Classica (Paid)

Comment Central (Free)

Crafty Cart (Free)

Crisp (Paid)

Desk Mess Mirrored  (Free)

Diner (Paid)

Elefolio (Paid)

Family Tree (Paid)

Liquorice (Free)

Modern-Vintage (Free)

My Journey (Paid)

Old School (Paid)

Papercut (Paid)

Parchment Draft (Free)

Pixel Happy (Paid)

Restaurant Theme (Paid)

Retromania (Free)

Sophis (Paid)

State of Mind (Free)

Tarimon Notse (Free)

This is Bold (Paid)

Victorian Xmas (Free)

Wood is Good (Free)

Keep in mind that this list will be updated so that it might achieve definitive status. If you know of or have yourself created a downloadable Retro/Vintage WordPress theme that’s not listed here, please let us know!

8 thoughts on “Collection of only the best “retro” and “vintage” WordPress themes

  1. Great list, Classica and Block Theme are my favorite, but I don’t think I would consider them to be retro or vintage. I think its more contemporary or modern,

  2. I can definitely see myself using Block for a project I’m working on. It’s almost exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for doing all of the work for me. lol

  3. Great post. I will definitely be bookmarking this and checking in regularly. I agree, these types of themes are few and far between. I also agree with Marios that retro or vintage may not be the right word considering that the typography and layouts are quite modern. Another way to look at it is that these themes emulate natural materials like paper, ink, paint, fabric and wood, rather than the brushed aluminum, glowing gel, energy beams, or objects dipped in molten plexiglas that is so common these days. I personally prefer the natural media aesthetic because it seems more human and less mechanical. Thanks for compiling this resource.

  4. I wish I’d seen this before I built my own vintage theme. Unfortunately it’s for someone so I can’t really release it 🙁

    Not sure if all of these are really vintage or retro though. Like the guys say below, a lot of them are natural. Liquorice and Family Tree are pretty cute anyway.

  5. I’ll second what you say but also I guess we all have slightly different definitions of what retro/vintage is. In my book the design has to look like it’s from the 70’s or older (maybe 80’s). I think I’ll add a “Natural Media” niche to ThemeSorter based on your observations so thank you.

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