OS Inspired WordPress Themes


Here are some operating system inspired WordPress themes of varying style, quality and version compatibility:




iTheme (there’s also an iTheme Leopardized theme project going on, but there’s no demo/downloadable theme yet)


Retro MacOS Theme


WP Themedvista

Inanis Glass




Ubuntu WP

Ubuntu WordPress Theme


22 Apple Inspired Free WordPress themes. Some more Apple inspired themes (including iPhone-styled ones, among others).

WordPress cli. The famous theme that turns your WP blog into a (functional, not just styled) command line interface one. Awesome stuff, but is likely to confuse new visitors.


From all the themes in this list, Leopress and Vistalicious would be my top choices. What about yours? Also, do let us know if you know more great themes that belong to this collection!

22 thoughts on “OS Inspired WordPress Themes

  1. I once made an OS X styled wordpress blog for a client, it emulated the OS quite well, with working menubar, dock, and everything. Unfortunately, this was quite a while ago and the company is no longer in business. I probably have the psd in my archives to show it to you guys, but that would take too long to search for. 😛

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  9. The themes are ok.. however, the Ubuntu theme are not quite attractive, imo. However, good effort.

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