11 themes and plugins that create mobile friendly WordPress sites


The mobile web is becoming more and more important. It’s important now more than ever to have a mobile version of our websites for visitors coming to our sites on smart phones. Thankfully, a number of WordPress designers and developers have spent a lot of time on this problem already. Through the creation of a number of mobile-ready WordPress theme and plugin options, it’s possible to have a mobile friendly site ready in only a few short minutes.

Below we have ten plugins and themes that will help transform your WordPress site for mobile visitors. Let’s get to it!

In no particular order, the best options available right now are the following.

iPhonsta theme

This theme is available for free at WPShower.

WPShower has released a number of awesome, and free, WordPress themes. One of their most unique themes is a mobile-ready theme called iPhonsta.

Worth noting, iPhonsta is not mobile-aware, just designed for mobile devices. You will need to take care of the theme switching for mobile phones on your own in this case.

Give the demo a try and download iPhonsta for free at WPShower.

Download out iPhonsta at WPShower.

WordPress Mobile Pack plugin

This plugin is available for free on the WordPress.org plugin directory.

Read more about the WordPress Mobile Pack and download it at the WordPress.org plugin directory.

WordPress Mobile Pack supports the Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and other smartphone platforms.

Download WordPress Mobile Pack at WordPress.org.

WordPress Mobile Edition plugin

This plugin is available for free on the WordPress.org plugin directory.

The WordPress Mobile Edition plugin, developed and maintained by Alex King, delivers a specific mobile theme to Android, iPhone, and other smartphone platforms.

Read more about the WordPress Mobile Edition and download it at the WordPress.org plugin directory.

Download WordPress Mobile Edition at WordPress.org.

WordPress Mobile theme

This theme is available for free on Blog Oh Blog.

WordPress Mobile is a free theme from Blog Oh Blog that doesn’t switch automatically for mobile devices, so you will need to target mobile devices yourself with this theme. It includes the option to choose your own primary color for the design.

Check out the demo and download this free theme at Blog Oh Blog.

Download WordPress Mobile at Blog Oh Blog.

WPtap Mobile Detector plugin (and themes)

This plugin is available for free on the WordPress.org plugin directory.

The WPtap Mobile Detector detects Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and other smartphone platforms. This plugin is what you will need if you are choosing your own specific mobile theme (like one of those listed on this page) or are creating your own. Themes can also be download from WPtap’s website.

Download the WPtap Mobile Detector plugin from the plugin directory, and find out more about their plugin at WPtap’s website.

Download WPtap Mobile Detector at WordPress.org.

SOFA iBloggr theme

This theme is available for $15 at ThemeForest.

SOFA iBloggr is developed by ThemeForest user “feeleep” and has sold just over 200 times. This theme is not device-aware; in other words you will have to control the theme switching based on device detection yourself.

The theme boasts an options page and includes the PSD with the download.

Demo this theme and purchase it for $15 at ThemeForest.

WPtouch plugin

This plugin is available for free on the WordPress.org plugin directory.

WPtouch detects mobile devices and serves up an iPhone app-style theme to your mobile visitors. This plugin also adds the option for visitors to switch from the mobile theme back to the standard theme if they wish.

A pro version of WPtouch is also available, which includes support, a skeleton theme, and Photoshop files for development purposes. See their site for full pricing and comparison information

WPtouch is developed by BraveNewCode Inc. Read more about WPTouch and download it from the plugin directory.

Download WPtouch from the WordPress plugin directory.

MobilePress plugin

This plugin is available for free on the WordPress.org plugin directory.

MobilePress supports Android, iPhone, Nokia, Verizon, and other smartphone platforms. By default MobilePress will serve up its own mobile theme when mobile devices are detected, but users can also create custom themes.

MobilePress is developed by Matt Geri and Tyler Reed. Find out more about the MobilePress plugin, and download it, at the plugin directory.

Download MobilePress at the plugin directory.

Obox Mobile plugin

This plugin is available from Obox Design for $50.

Obox Design launched Mobile around two months ago, and seems to be a really solid option for those who want support behind their plugins and themes. It supports the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android platforms.

Find out more about the Obox Mobile plugin and pick it up for $50 at Obox Design.

Visit Obox Mobile.

PluginBuddy Mobile plugin

This plugin is available at PluginBuddy starting at $45.

PluginBuddy recently made StarterTheme, a new mobile theme, available within the plugin as well. It supports the Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and many other smartphone platforms.

Find out more about PluginBuddy Mobile and pick it up for $45 at PluginBuddy.

Visit PluginBuddy Mobile.

Responsive Twenty Ten child theme

For those looking for a simple option for their blog, or perhaps an example of how to convert a current theme to a mobile-ready version, Responsive Twenty Ten might be what you want. A child theme of Twenty Ten, it was created by Todd Halfpenny as a way to implement responsive web design in a WordPress theme. What the means, basically, is that the site adapts as the size of the browser changes.

There isn’t currently a demo, but you can read his post on the theme, and download it there for free. For a demo, just close your eyes and imagine the Twenty Ten theme getting slightly slimmer as you resize the browser. Or, if you have an aversion to using your imagination, just download it and try Responsive out.

Read more about Responsive Twenty Ten.

Not for everyone

As you can see, a number of free and commercial options are available. If you’re looking to get rolling with a mobile WordPress theme right away, hopefully one of these options will suit your needs.

A pre-built solution isn’t always the best decision, of course. Sometimes it’s worth building your own mobile WordPress experience. If you’re interested in building your own mobile WordPress site, stick around—we’ll cover that in a tutorial very soon.

What did we miss?

It is entirely probable that we missed an alternative here or there. While we do want to stick with themes and plugins that are up to date and actively maintained, we’re open to any GPL options you’ve run across.

Let us know what else should be on the list, in the comments.

22 thoughts on “11 themes and plugins that create mobile friendly WordPress sites

  1. Good list here, Ryan. I’ve used a few of them but will definitely need to check out the others.

    WPTouch has been my favorite but just a heads up that it has major issues with custom post types – i.e. it can’t display them. 🙂 Last I checked they were working on fixing that.

    • Ah, thanks for the heads up on that, I wasn’t aware.

      Though I suppose if someone is using custom post types on their site, they might be building out their own mobile theme. Still, I’ll keep an eye out for that update 🙂

  2. Nice Round up. Can anyone confirm that these mobile plugins handle CMS sites that don’t use the blog? From the looks of the screen shots it appears that it displays posts be default. I wonder if they offer options to list pages instead.


    • I don’t know that any of these options have trouble displaying a page on the front, instead of the blog.

      That said, if you’re doing much custom stuff with your site, you may need to create your own mobile-ready theme. Don’t worry, we’ll have a tutorial for you on this soon 🙂

  3. Hey there,

    Yes there’s some nifty plugins here, thanks for the list.

    I thought I could add a beta child theme for the default TwentyTen theme. I call it Responsive TwentyTen since it’s essentially been tweaked to resize for all browser sizes (following on from the A list apart article and the update of Jon Hick’s site).

    The child theme can be downloaded from my site on the post about it


  4. Hey Ryan thanks for a much informative post> I am just researching how to create a mobile version of our site, and also the same to our clients. Your info will come in handy 🙂

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  6. Very good list and choice !
    Can u help me about wordpress mobile pack plugin? In nokia low it dosent show the full article and cant click “read more” link. Unless its the best i have used. Any suggestion ??

  7. Hi Ryan, Thanks for this list – awesome! I am trying to find a mobile plugin that will work with a good audio player – one that looks like a standard audio player. Any ideas? So far not much luck!

  8. Thanks for the post. I have and prefer Mobilepress to the other plugins. it is simple and easy to use. the only problem I find is that, I can’t change that default theme so I can show ads.

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