Featured Themes For 09/20


Infinity Theme

Infinity is a 3 column, plugin-ready theme with attractive header and footer design elements. Designed by Zhang Yichi.

Fervens Theme

Fervens is also a simple 3 column theme, with two widget-ready sidebars. Designed by Elena Gafita.


InterPhase is a simple, but elegant, 3 column theme with a nifty JavaScript navigation menu.


FreshFolio is one of my favorite themes I’ve yet to see. It’s another sexy portfolio theme with a ton of customizable options. Design by Magnus Jepson.

VinDuJour Theme

VinDuJour is a nice looking, scruffy style 2 column theme with some great features. Designed by FlyThemes.

12 thoughts on “Featured Themes For 09/20

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  2. Interphase looks like a very clean and simple theme and I’ve never seen it before. I will be sure to remember it for future products or for friends that want something like this. Thanks for bringing it to light.

    ~Jeremy Newton

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