Poll: What are your favorite new features in WordPress 3.1?


It’s always quite an event when a new version of WordPress comes out. Fresh features, UI enhancements, and that always-welcome new Dashboard smell. At least, I hope that’s the new Dashboard I smell.

It’s a good day: How much more can we really ask for?

But what’s the best part about it? We want to know what you think are the best new features in WordPress 3.1 “Reinhardt”. Have your voice heard by voting in the poll below. You can choose up to three features below as your favorite (or enter your own). We’re going to give the winning feature something very special! 1

1Just kidding, of course. Features aren’t people.

8 thoughts on “Poll: What are your favorite new features in WordPress 3.1?

  1. They’re all good features but I guess we have to choose our top 3 for this poll. Will be interesting to see what type of feature, more developer or user focus, ends up on top.

  2. The internal linking feature is such a pleasure! Not only for finding the link but also the fact that it automatically inserts the post title too. #boomshakalaka

    So simple but so nice from a user standpoint.

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