Poll: Best WordPress theme this week?


Theme of the Week poll

It’s another week, which means a new stack of solid themes have been released. Which one’s the best? That’s for you to decide.

This week’s new themes (or the new themes that we’re aware of) are in the poll below. Take a look at these new works of art, free and paid, and voice your opinion on the best of them. If you don’t see a theme that you know was released this week, enter it in the “other” option (and ping us about it, we’d like to know what we missed).

If your theme was released this week and we missed it, shoot us a note using this form. We’ll be sure to add it.

2 thoughts on “Poll: Best WordPress theme this week?

  1. I appreciate being mentioned in the poll and I am so glad to see votes for my theme. It means a lot to me and makes what I’m doing worth every minute. I am among great company as well 🙂

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