The Sweet Seven: Top WPCandy posts this week

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A lot happens in the WordPress community each week, and in turn we end up posting on a lot of WordPress news. But it’s not always the case that everyone is able to keep up with all that WPCandy churns out. To combat the fire hose of news, we put together The Sweet Seven, a roundup of the seven most popular posts this week. If you read anything this week, read these posts. This week, the Sweet Seven posts were:

  1. Feature: The Future of WordPress Themes in 2011
  2. Feature: WordPress theme mascot throw-down: Who would win?
  3. News: Max Foundry tries demos to promote plugins, plan backfires
  4. News: Phoenix 2011 will be first swag-less, zero waste WordCamp
  5. News: Bones starter theme hopes to replace common plugins, speed up development
  6. News: New pricing model at Press75 brings all themes for as low as $50
  7. News: Future versions of WordPress will be specifically GPL version 2 or later

Be sure to jump into these post’s discussions, since they all have interesting comment threads running. Among these, which was your favorite post of the week?

Personally, I enjoyed the Max Foundry story and the insight into the new pricing model at Press75.