The Sweet Seven: Top WPCandy posts this week

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A lot happens in the WordPress community each week, and in turn we end up posting on a lot of WordPress news. But it’s not always the case that everyone is able to keep up with all that WPCandy churns out, so we put together The Sweet Seven, a roundup of the seven most popular posts this week. If you read anything this week, read these posts. This week, the Sweet Seven posts were:

  1. Giveaway: Win some WordPress swag for guessing what “JP” could be
  2. Announcement: You can power WPCandy for a post, for a day, or forever
  3. Opinion: Let’s stop calling WordPress themes “premium”, whether they are or not
  4. Announcement: Meet the slightly tightened up WPCandy design
  5. News: Mullenweg calls social toolbars “the mullet of websites”, plus other gems on social web
  6. Announcement: How the WPCandy iPhone app sold in its first month
  7. News: Giant Themes closed its doors after one year and three themes

Be sure to jump into these post’s discussions, since they all have interesting comment threads running. Personally, I found the Giant Themes story the most interesting this week, with Mike Smith’s openness regarding the closing of his theme shop being pretty admirable. Among these, which is your favorite posts of the week?