10 Plugins to Improve the WordPress Admin


For an open-source blogging CMS, WordPress’s admin interface is pretty dang good. With the release of version 2.5, the revamped administrator area has been re-organized and cleaned up to make it easier for users to write and edit posts, change settings, manage site content, and more. However, some sites require a bit more functionality than others. In this case, WordPress plugins come to the rescue. Here are ten plugins that expand the functionality of the admin area.

1. Lighter Menus

Lighter Menus replaces the tabbed nav with hover menus, making it much easier to access second-level navigation with one click. It also comes with additional options such as hiding the “Howdy” and Help and Forum links, displaying icons next to subpages, and more.

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2. Category Selector Back to the Sidebar

This plugin comes with one simple goal: to put the category selector back in the sidebar where it used to be. No more scrolling past other post options to categorize your posts. Instead, you can now choose your categories right under the Save and Publish buttons.

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3. WPCandy’s Login Logo Plugin

Our Login Logo plugin is a two-step process for switching out the default WordPress logo on the login screen with your own.

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4. Reveal IDs for WP 2.5 Admin

For some reason, a default installation of version 2.5 doesn’t include the ID column when managing posts, pages, links, or categories. This column is usually helpful when excluding certain categories or posts from a list on your site. The Reveal IDs plugin puts this column back in its place.

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5. WordPress Automatic Upgrade

WPAU gives one-click upgrading to the WordPress admin. It automates the five-step process recommended by WordPress.org and even backs up your database before you begin.

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6. WordPress Dashboard Editor

Allows you to configure the Dashboard with PHP, HTML, and Sidebar Widgets and get rid of annoying parts such as Planet WordPress and Dev news.

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7. WPhone

With the iPhone’s MobileSafari taking more and more market share each day, it’s becoming a popular way to write and edit posts on your WordPress-powered site. WPhone introduces an iPhone-esque theme for the admin and scales down the entire system, making it much easier for you to perform simple tasks on your site via iPhone and other mobile phones.

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8. Remove Max-Width

The default admin’s CSS sets a maximum width on the page. Guess what this plugin does?

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9. Pre-Publish Reminders

This plugin lets admins add a set of reminders to the new post page. This is especially helpful for client sites to help remind them of things that need done (categorizing, tagging, custom fields, etc.) before a new post is made.

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10. Easy Admin Color Schemes

The Easy Admin Color Schemes plugin is quite useful for branding your admin with your site’s colors. Ad the hex values for four colors and save the scheme for later use.

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37 thoughts on “10 Plugins to Improve the WordPress Admin

  1. These are awesome plugins! I will be checking these out asap, especially the one for the iphone 😉 It’s always nice when you come across a post that you actually haven’t seen the same resources listed. Cheers!

    Great post!

  2. hello,

    An interesting plug-in collection, and I some plug-ins already use and the rest I would like to further look.

    I could connect to my blog report.
    Thank you for the informative list of plug-ins.

  3. Great list! On the subject of admin plugins, I’d also recommend my WordPress Tweaks plugin, which provides administrators with many extra settings pertaining to comments, pings, posts, SEO, security, the admin back-end, etc.

  4. Adminimize is a theme for a better admin, many options in the new version: remove widht, configure sidebar in edit-area, categrory and tags in the sidebar, configure meta-areas and the menu, …

    I write on a new version with many options, i upload in the next days.
    best regards

  5. That’s a pretty neat list you got there. Something I’ve just noticed though: why didn’t you style your inputs and textareas? Your submit button is otherwise so pretty…

  6. I use the reveal ID and the dashboard editor plugins, and I heavily rely on them.

    Oh, and great Post Dan, I can’t imagine where you got the idea from?!

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  17. That is a great list. I have several of those installaed and am now on my way to install several more. The only one I wouldn’t feel comfortable installing would be the WPAU. It is a great feature and sure could save time but I prefer having more control over that process. Downloading your Login Logo plugin right now. Thanks.

  18. im using wordpress automatic upgrade and this plugin is very usefull when wordpress realease new version and im so bussy to update my other blogs, so with this plugin i can upgrade my wordpress in short time!! lols thx great lists !!

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