Orman Clark is a job creator


Orman for president! He might be a little late announcing his candidacy, but he’d probably be a strong competitor. It looks like Orman Clark is hiring a UI/web designer for a full time position to help him create WordPress themes and design resources. From the listing:

Working alongside myself (as well as keeping developers in check), you’ll be responsible for producing some of the most pixel-perfect, trend-setting, awe-inspiring, ridiculously-pretty-yet-functional designs this industry is yet to see. Roughly translated, you’ll be working on WordPress themes, web applications and other cool stuff. 2012 will be awesome.

This sounds like an awesome job for a freelancer looking for some stability. I’d be tempted to apply myself if I had forty hours each week to commit. Hit up his post for more details and to submit your application.

Orman Clark breaks all time Theme Forest monthly sales record and expands team


Orman Clark record Orman Clark, founder of PremiumPixels.com, has surpassed the all time Theme Forest monthly sales record with a stunning $47,000 in WordPress theme sales. The previous record was set in March at $42,000.

You may recall Mike McAlister’s call for higher prices at ThemeForest that generated a lot of attention, a response from Collis Ta’eed (the owner of Envato), and Envato’s ensuing Elite program, where certain proven authors are now allowed to price themes up to 30% higher than the base price for a given item. Clark has raised the price of almost all of his themes to $40 (versus a more typical $35) without missing a beat.

Clark’s official Theme Forest profile shows him in a range of $250,000 – $1,000,000 of sales overall. That ranks him 8th of Theme Forest’s most popular authors all time, despite being a member for 5 months less than anyone else in the top 25 at the time of this writing. Clark joined Theme Forest under his current profile in October of 2010.

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Jason Schuller launches Theme.it with entourage of theme pros


Theme.it, a blog for WordPress theme creators (and Jason Schuller’s latest project), is grinding to life with a post from theme developer Sawyer Hollenshead on lessons he learned releasing his first few WordPress themes. The activity comes just a few weeks after Schuller first announced the idea and briefly described it:

Theme.it will focus on theme design, development, editorials, theme reviews, interviews and much more. If you are a theme designer or developer looking to establish your business within the WordPress theme market, Theme.it will also provide articles by long standing WordPress theme business owners sharing key aspects of how they established and currently maintain their theme businesses.

Hollenshead doesn’t look like the only one who will be gracing Theme.it’s pages along with Schuller. The site’s footer also displays the pretty faces of:

  • Jeff Milone of Organic Themes,
  • Mike McAlister (who wrote something recently somewhere, can’t remember where),
  • Lisa Sabin-Wilson of Allure Themes,
  • Orman Clark,
  • Justin Seeley,
  • Luke McDonald,
  • Brian Richards of Startbox,
  • Rich Staats, and
  • Eddie Machado.

Who doesn’t love another blog about WordPress, am I right? You can follow the progress on the Theme.it blog, as well as their Twitter account @just_theme_it. From the list above, is there someone you’re most excited to hear from on Theme.it?

Q & A with Orman Clark, creator of Premium Pixels and WordPress awesomeness


Orman Clark of Premium PixelsOrman Clark is a WordPress theme author and the founder of Premium Pixels. Orman got started as a graphic designer in the British Armed Forces and has significant experience in web design, graphic design, and SEO with both large and small companies. Today, Orman is freelancing and creating WordPress awesomeness from the United Kingdom.

Orman’s latest ventures have been huge hits. In October, he launched Premium Pixels, a place to share free resources for designers. His excellent tutorials and freebies have made him quite popular in the design world and he already has over 4,600 followers.

He has also unleashed his design wrath over the last few months with three very successful themes on Theme Forest: Repro, Duplex, and Classica. His latest portfolio theme, Classica, has been wildly popular with nearly 200 sales in only four days.

Orman was kind enough to take a few minutes of his time to answer some of our questions about his recent success.

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Orman Clark releases new WordPress theme on ThemeForest


Orman Clark, a UK based web designer, has created a WordPress theme called Repro. He usually makes free themes over at PremiumPixels.com, but Repro is a premium WordPress theme released over at ThemeForest. Some of Repro’s features include, but not limited to:

Repro is suitable for content producers at all levels, personal bloggers, newspapers, online magazines, community blogs… you get the idea ;)

Repro looks great out of the box but also acts as the perfect black canvas for those looking to customise and develop their own content-focused site.

  • Valid XHTML Strict 1.0 Tableless Design
  • Unlimited Colour Schemes (colour picker)
  • Full Localisation Support (contains .po/.mo files)
  • 10 Widget Areas
  • 8 Custom Widgets
  • Extensive Theme Options (unbranded!)

You can follow Orman on Twitter or be a fan of PremiumPixels.