Preview VoicePress, a new speech recognition blogging plugin (Chrome only)


Developer Kyle Graham quietly released a new WordPress plugin this week called VoicePress. VoicePress lets you blog with your voice, as seen in the video just after the jump. This post was written using VoicePress, and the accuracy of the voice recognition is pretty solid.

The plugin adds small microphone icons to the title and content area, allowing you to speak your blog posts, sentence by sentence, and see them written out for you.

The plugin only works with the Chrome browser right now, so you might have to step away from your favorite browser to play with it right now. Check out our own preview video just after the jump.

The VoicePress site is pretty slim right now, with just a basic demo video and a download button. You can use the beta code VP-WP-DEV to download it right away, though I’m not sure how long that code will continue to work.

There doesn’t seem to be a clear public release date at this point, but you can follow the developer on Twitter to track the progress. When easily available, is this something you would like to use on your own WordPress blog?

6 thoughts on “Preview VoicePress, a new speech recognition blogging plugin (Chrome only)

  1. Some days you have those great idea but just don’t feel like taking a piece of paper or log in to your WordPress backend and type it up. I can see where this really is going to help creative flow. Imagine how easy it is to log in and just talk about your ideas and have them written down for you (it’s like having a personal WordPress secretary). I sure will give this a try!

  2. It’s a really innovative plugin and kudo’s to the developer. I can’t help but think that it would be quicker to type a post than speak it. However, that opinion is just based on what I saw in the video, I’m sure the developer will add in a whole assortment of “shortcodes” to access images and so forth, so it will become a mouth/mouse operation writing a post and the keyboard will no longer be required.

    Guess we wait and see 🙂

  3. Great idea! Seems very solid for the voice recognition.
    I just wish it will support other browsers, and if it can be done through an iPad, it would be ideal!!

    Kudos to the developer

  4. I’m very impressed with its accuracy.

    I still wonder if content quality would be, on average, lower for voice recognition, simply because it encourages people to post whatever comes into their head, and many will be unable or unwilling to edit their posts for content properly.

    Great post!

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