Restaurant theme preview from DevPress is strictly a simple meal

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Tung Do of DevPress posted the image above, teasing the restaurant theme he is working on to release. He also commented on the state of restaurant themes in particular, and why he’s focusing on making a very simple theme:

After looking at what other WordPress development groups or companies have created in this niche and what the typical restaurant website looks like, I found that most WordPress themes made for restaurant websites are almost the exact opposite of what customers need.

What restaurant owners actually need for their sites is a static front page featuring an introduction area and some contact information. It’s definitely not sliding images of food, a calendar for reservation, and/or the latest blog posts.

Do you agree with Do regarding the specific state of restaurant themes for WordPress? Do you think this issue with complexity extends into other theme genres as well?

One thought on “Restaurant theme preview from DevPress is strictly a simple meal

  1. I absolutely agree. While I think building in the functionality of an online reservations system is really ‘cool’, generally, I think, a restaurant wants a clean home page. I just read a blog post the other day discussing the importance of a cleanly designed and simple home page that directs the user where they should go next. I think this theme is a great example of putting this into practice.

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