Preview the feminine WordPress themes coming from Allure Themes


Lisa Sabin-Wilson, well known author and WordPress designer, has released a few teasers for her upcoming theme shop designed just for women, Allure Themes. Sabin-Wilson has been planning the launch of Allure Themes for a bit now, which she will launch in conjunction with iThemes infrastructure.

She teased three upcoming themes: Dabble, Corky, and Lightness, in a Flickr set today.

Allure Themes previews

Sabin-Wilson said that the Allure Themes site is nearing completion, and will soon launch with five or six debut themes. So who’s going to be standing in line, ready to purchase when Allure Themes opens up?

5 thoughts on “Preview the feminine WordPress themes coming from Allure Themes

  1. I’m looking forward to this. Not for myself but because I’ve noticed a void of themes for the ladies. A lot of Googlers end up my site searching for “mommy blog” themes. But other than StudioPress’s offerings, I haven’t seen a whole lot of good commercial themes for the ladies.

  2. Wonderful, it’s just unfortunate they haven’t protected their image directory fully! I only caught sight of the main site elements though, so no themes 😛

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