11 thoughts on “A quick preview of Standard Theme 3

  1. I’ve been using ST since day 1 as well. I’m completely sold out on what the guys at 8bit are doing. It always seems like they are so far ahead of the game that other themes have to play catch up.

    After talking with some of the 8bit guys I’m beginning to realize that this theme is a developers dream. (By developer I mean “top level” developer) Child themes, customization, and integration is going to be second nature to us after this theme launches.

    I’ve got websites waiting in line like they were waiting for the new iPhone release.

  2. dcolumbus:

    We opted for an HTML5-light approach, much like Twitter and the WordPress Twenty Eleven theme. We’re not “all in” matching every perfectly semantic type of element, but we’ve moved forward in a functional way.

    Thanks for asking!

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