Preview Minblr, a new Tumblr-like theme coming from Themify

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Themify is gearing up to release another (another!) theme laden with responsive design. You may be thinking responsive whaaa? No worries: Responsive design means that as the browser is resized, or when the theme is viewed from different devices, the width and form the theme is displayed in changes. I could keep describing it, or you just click to the Minblr demo and see for yourself.

The theme itself uses custom Google fonts for major headlines, and has three layout options to boot: default with a sidebar, two columns, and full width view. The design seems intended for those looking to microblog, or roll with a Tumblr-like theme on their site.

If I was a betting man—and I shouldn’t be after that one really bad summer…ah, memories—I would say we can expect this bad boy out within the next week or so. When it’s available, who will be jumping in and picking up Minblr?

Minblr WordPress theme gallery

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One thought on “Preview Minblr, a new Tumblr-like theme coming from Themify

  1. I was actually thinking responsive whaaa? Thanks for explaining that so I could contort my browser window and pretend I had an iPhone. Lots of great microblogging themes coming out lately.

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