Preview PluginBuddy’s upcoming LoopBuddy plugin, which will be free


The WordPress Loop is what powers the content of your WordPress site. The Loop displays the content that’s requested from the database into your theme for people to actually see. Loops can contain post information like the title, content, comments, categories, authors, and custom meta.

Commercial plugin provider PluginBuddy (a close relative to iThemes) will soon be releasing a new plugin for free called LoopBuddy, specifically to make it easier to customize the loop on your WordPress site. It introduces drag and drop control for every element of the loop and also includes a Query Editor, specifically for zeroing in on specific posts and including them in the loop.

Videos of LoopBuddy, including the Query Editor, are just after the jump.

First, check out the LoopBuddy preview video:

Then, check out their preview of PluginBuddy’s Query Editor:

So what do you think? Will you use this on your site?

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