Carl Hancock previews a new signature feature for Gravity Forms


While there is no real information about when it will be added, Carl Hancock (of rocketgenius fame) has shared a little video previewing a new feature for Gravity Forms. This signature feature allows you to, well, add your signature to the form before you submit. Check it out in action in his video on TwitVid. Or, head past the jump to watch it right here on WPCandy.

Since there’s no information about the application of this feature, what could you see yourselves using it for?

8 thoughts on “Carl Hancock previews a new signature feature for Gravity Forms

  1. A chap with a surname of Hancock talking about signatures. That’s…genius!

    On a slightly more serious note, this could be a fantastic feature. I wonder how they’ll get on with iDevice integration. Gravity forms really is a top notch product so I’m sure they’ll nail it.

  2. Fascinating feature, I continue to be amazed by how much innovation they manage to build around the basic idea of forms, this could be a very useful addition to their existing e-commerce functionality.

    Eventually, combined with webcam video capture (integrating Tokbooth or a similar service), this could be a way to capture both a photo of a credit card signature strip and a matching signature, giving vendors a concrete argument against chargebacks. It might also eventually allow online merchants to pay the lower “card present” rates, rather than the “card not present” rates they pay today.

    Signatures attached to documents detailing a service agreement would also be very useful, especially in the case of PayPal disputes.

    • You have been pushing for video capture for a long time now, we’ll have to deliver on that in the new year to make you happy 🙂 The good news is I was browsing around the OpenTok site at and like what I see. You are correct, TokBooth like functionality would be a very cool field idea for Gravity Forms.

      I see several uses for OpenTok integration, both for standard forms as well as for post creation with the ability to embed the users video in the post that is created. Think contest entries, etc. that require a video submission. Another interesting use would be job applications that incorporate a video introduction by the person submitting the application, etc.

      Now that you have championed the idea enough for me to look into it, it’s an Add-On I definitely want to create.

      As for the Signature Add-On, it’s was a customer request who introduced us to another company that provides a signature script. We bought the code from them and the rights to re-distribute. It will allow for the additional of a signature on a service agreement, terms of use agreement, etc. Users can sign via mouse, touchpad, iOS or Android device. It’s pretty nifty. We are still working out a few final development tasks but we hope to release it in beta within the next 2 weeks.

      • Ha, yes, I always seem to be pushing you to do something Carl, sorry about that 🙂

        Delighted to hear that you, too, are excited by the potential of video integration, I know that a lot of people might presume that it is merely tech for the sake of tech but, no, as your suggestions demonstration, this is one of those situations in which entirely new and genuinely useful possibilities are opened up.

        OpenTok is damn impressive, mainly because so many other companies entering that niche have got it so wrong, these guys actually get the need to keep it is as simple and stream-linked as possible. They are also very receptive to ideas and openly seeking suggestions.

        There is actually an existing, real-world example of your idea of online job interviews, I can’t give the URL because WPCandy’s comment system always put my comments into moderation limbo for hours if I include even a single link, but google for “reed philips online interview”, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting and beguilingly simple. Give it a shot and you’ll see that what they are lacking is a decent form to allow the candidate to submit lots of additional info. There is a short form included within the SWF but this is screaming out for the flexibility and ease-of-creation that Gravity Forms allows.

        I think the recruitment agency are actually using a slightly older version of Tokbooth, the current one is even slicker, omitting the annoying final screen trying to get the user to sign up to OpenTok, you can test it on my site, (again, sorry about not being able to include a link).

        Funnily enough, in the forum discussion announcing Tokbooth back in September, I actually made a strong case for Gravity Forms integration to the Opentok team, , and they seemed very receptive to the points I made, even offering to send me a t-shirt 🙂

        Using the latest version of Tokbooth tonight, seeing how they’ve polished it and how drop-dead easy it is to sign up, insert the code and start receiving video messages, I really think we’ve arrived at the right point and I cannot wait to see what you guys do with it. Incidentally, video messaging might also be the sort of advanced feature that users of Gravity Charge would like to put behind a paywall.

        As for the Signature Add-On, it is going to be extremely useful in some very specific, niche situations but, from a marketing perspective it is dynamite – even for users who will never actually manage to find a use for that feature, it will be impossible for anyone to view a demonstration such as that TwitVid and not fall just a little bit more in love with Gravity Forms.

  3. This looks interesting. Could be interesting for laws firms signing electronic documents etc.
    We sometimes do signatures over Skype… If we could get a signature witness logged in online and the stream captured via TokBox saved to our case management system that would be very useful to us. You might for instance be able to make a WordPress Will maker app that generates a Will that is then signed online.

  4. I read this article and immediately had that “oooooh shiny” reaction. LoL A Signature Add-On will be an incredibly useful feature. Looking forward to it. 🙂

    Now if we could just get the ability to assign forms to individual users with the option to only allow them to submit once all would be well in my Gravity Forms world (as far as I can tell this isn’t possible yet). 😛

  5. This looks like a great feature. I can’t wait to kick the tires on it. The video made me laugh. I felt like I was watching some weird spy video in an area cameras weren’t allowed. Looked so sneaky…

    Carl you can just admit this is so you can play with your newest Kickstarter purchase…

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