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Just this week Lorelle posted on The Blog Herald asking for some help and feedback on how to improve and continue the weekly WordPress news feature that she puts together there. This post got me to thinking about where I find my new on WordPress. Interested?

This post will focus on blogs that act as news sources, rather than on individuals who at times blog about WordPress. If you’re interested in tracking down the individuals who are responsible for WordPress, and following them on their blogs and on Twitter, see my Who’s Who post from a couple of weeks ago.

Official WordPress resources

  • Akismet screenshot

    Akistmet blog

    If you’re running your own WordPress site, odds are you already know, use, and love Akismet. If you aren’t using it, you should be. Run over to the Akismet site and get started. For everyone else, Akismet is the official supported spam killer for WordPress. The Akismet blog itself, though, is nice for catching updates on commenting on blogs, and not always exclusively for WordPress.

  • WordPress dot org Development Blog screenshot

    WordPress.org Development Blog

    The .org WordPress blog is the place to go for community and developer information. Most recently is a post about how best to contribute to the WordPress project by tracking, finding, and fixing bugs in the software.

  • WordPress.com Blog screenshot

    WordPress.com Blog

    While the .org blog above is most likely more interesting to most of us than the .com blog, the WordPress.com blog tends to offer up nice previews of what will become available on the open source WordPress software at WordPress.org. Just this week they announced, on the WordPress.com blog, how the updated version of Prologue (a theme from Automattic that came out last year) has been updated and released in the next couple of weeks for WordPress site owners. Helpful information for those using Prologue, and worth a subscription I would say.

  • bbPress Blog screenshot

    bbPress Blog

    While the bbPress blog isn’t updated all that often, this will most likely change as Automattic’s attention turns to this open source forum software some time this year. Do you use bbPress? If you don’t and want to, be sure and subscribe to the Theme Playground and pay attention in the next week or two (wink wink).

Community driven sources

  • The Blog Herald screenshot

    The Blog Herald

    The Blog Herald is the home of the aforementioned weekly article by Lorelle, The WordPress News, and is actually a blog intended for blog news in general, and not just WordPress. I believe they have also tried adding news for other systems like Movable Type in the past, though I’m not certain how successful that has gone. In general, not a bad source for WordPress news, especially if you’re the type that likes weekly aggregate posts.

  • Weblog Tools Collection

    Weblog Tools Collection

    If you’ve been running a WordPress website, there’s no way you don’t know about the Weblog Tools Collection. Even if you don’t specifically subscribe to it in your reader, you’ve probably seen news from the blog scroll by on your Dashboard. WBTC is a must have for everyone, as it features WordPress Plugins and themes on a regular basis.

  • WordPress Tavern screenshot

    WordPress Tavern

    The WordPress Tavern is a nice blog that stays on top of the news coming out of the WordPress world, paying specific attention to root level issues within the WordPress community. There’s also a nice forum managed there, which has a pretty decent signal to noise ration right now.

  • The WordCamp Report screenshot

    The WordCamp Report

    Have you heard of WordCamp? WordCamp acts as the de-facto conference for WordPress users and developers. They pick up and happen all over the world, and if you can find time for one you absolutely should. The WordCamp Report acts as an aggregator of news for these events.

  • WP Recipes screenshot

    WP Recipes

    What are recipes? In this case, WordPress recipes are nice snippets of code that can quickly solve problems most of us have when working with WordPress. Not exactly a news site, but a nice way to stay up to date on new WordPress techniques.

  • WPLover screenshot


    WPLover is a nice new blog that’s of a minimalist design and has settled in as a nice host of links to nice WordPress articles. There is a nice community-centric original article here and there, but mostly subscribe to this one to have a steady stream of WordPress love.

WordPress podcasts

  • The WordPress Weekly podcast screen

    The WordPress Weekly

    The most popular WordPress podcast today, The WordPress Weekly is hosted by Jeff, the blogger at the WordPress Tavern, and has a knack for bringing on high profile members of the WordPress community for interviews. Definitely a must-have for anyone who loves WordPress and listens to podcasts.

  • The WordPress Community podcast art

    The WordPress Community

    The WordPress Community podcast was updated in the past couple of weeks, but before that the last was a little while back. I’m hoping that there will be updates more often this time around, as it’s a very interesting podcast about WordPress.

  • Theme Playground Podcast art

    Theme Playground

    While I hesitate to toot my own horn on lists like this, I thought it might be helpful to list my own on this relatively smaller list of WordPress podcasts. I’m running a relatively young one, but I’d like to think it has some promise. Ping me if you’re interested in coming on for a show, I’m always looking for voices to bounce ideas off of.

Other sources

  • WordPress jobs board

    WP Jobs board

    It may seem odd to see a job board on this list, especially when talking about where to find out what’s going on with WordPress. But this job board shouldn’t only be used by those looking for some WordPress-related work (although it’s great for that). If you’re interested in WordPress trends, and what is missing from, let’s say themes today, this is a place you should be watching. Probably only for the hardcore.

  • WordPress accounts on Twitter

    Official Twitter accounts

    Blogs aren’t the only way to find information and updates anymore. Twitter is the latest medium that’s gained popularity, and it has been picked up by a number of organizations for reporting quick bits of information. The two official WordPress accounts that are relevant to this list today are the WordPress.com and the WordPress.org Twitter feeds.

  • WordPress support forums

    Support forums

    Much like the jobs board above, the support forums are a good place to stay on top of in order to keep abreast of WordPress trends, needs, and general popularity. I would also suggest, if you have some spare time, to spend some time there answering questions for people about WordPress. It’s definitely appreciated.

That’s all for now

All of these sites were literally pulled directly from my feedreader, and have my full blessing behind them. I didn’t go digging around online for news sources, though I’m sure there are plenty out there. Do you know of any that I should be following?

On a related note, there are other resources, namely those for things like WordPress MU and BuddyPress, that I didn’t mention here because this was more of a WordPress single-install list. But don’t worry. Very soon there will be a nice introduction coming to Theme Playground, both for multiple user installs of WordPress as well as the social network capabilities of BuddyPress.

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