The WordPress user’s Christmas list


Can you feel it? Christmas day is approaching. The shopping days are waning. Before you know it, the season will have passed and we’ll be anticipating next year’s Christmas.

Odds are there is someone—perhaps many someones—that you haven’t crossed off your list yet. You need a gift for them, and you’ve probably saved them to now because they are notoriously difficult to shop for. Or, perhaps you have a WordPress guru for a friend, and need to pick out the perfect gift for them.

If we’ve described you at any point (or if you need some reading the week leading up to Christmas) we have just the list for you. This is the WordPress user’s Christmas list, and we’ve assembled it so that there will be something for every WordPress user on your list.

Time to shop!

WordPress bistro mug

I guarantee you that WordPress users drink more coffee than the average person*. The one thing that’s better than a cup of coffee is a really big cup of coffee. And the WordPress bistro mug does a solid job holding a large amount of coffee.

The WP Swag Store has the footed bistro mug in cobalt blue, complete with the WordPress logo front and center, for $10. Legend has it the WordPress logo makes liquids taste better, and coffee more effective**. Sound crazy? There’s only one way to test it out…

* This is a completely untested statement.

** This is also a completely untested statement. In fact, it’s definitely false.

WordPress tees, hoodies, and jackets

There’s at least one thing that the WordPress users on your list have to do with the non-WordPress users on your list. They both have torsos that, at some point or another, will need to be covered. What better way to cover the WordPress user’s torso than with one of a number of available WordPress branded tees?

The WordPress Swag Store has two tees: a WordPress logo tee ($13) and a short ($13) and long sleeved ($15) Code is Poetry tee.

Going one layer thicker, the WordPress pullover hoodie is available on the Swag Store for $32. Yet another layer deeper, the WordPress fleece track jacket can be picked up for $30.

Embossed WordPress moleskine

A long time ago, before computers, yes even before the Internet Explorer (those blessed days) the one-day blogger had to scratch and push letters into paper to make blog posts happen. Can you imagine? Do you have any idea how tedious it is to write out Hello World at the beginning of every notebook you use?

So sometimes we write in notebooks for fun. The WordPress embossed moleskine is guaranteed to make the writing that even more fun. Especially if you take the liberty of adding the Hello World part at the front before you wrap it up for them.

The WordPress moleskine can be picked up from the WP Swag Store for $12.

WordPress iPhone sticker

There are few things that scream first world more than dressing up luxury phones that only kind of work as phones. But if we’re going to do it, we might as well embrace it and dress up our iPhones in WordPress glory.

Besides, it’s all worth it to be able to really brag that your phone has a WordPress logo on it when you’re busy texting and ignoring the friend who you’re hanging out with at the time. What better gift could you give them, amirite?

The WP Swag Store has the iPhone sticker for $15. Stickers are only compatible with first generation, 3G, and 3Gs phones. In other words, no iPhone 4 stickers.

WordPress folding USB thumb drive

And the winner of Best Stocking Stuffer goes to… Thumb drives always find a use. Sometimes it’s to bring a document from one place to another, sometimes it’s sharing photos, and sometimes it’s used to make a local WordPress install mobile and transferable between multiple computers.

Okay, so maybe that last one is a bit less times than some. You get the idea.

You can even go the extra mile on this one and load up the thumb drive with fun WordPress stuff, like your favorite plugins and themes. Get creative.

The WordPress folding USB thumb drive will be yours (rather, theirs) for $12.

Ticket to a WordCamp event

WordCamps are the place to be if you’re a true WordPress fan. Users and developers, all types gather to swap stories and learn a bit more about this fun open source CMS we all love. But not everyone goes. Odds are, someone you know and care about hasn’t been to an event.

Plan a trip. Pick up their ticket for them, and get them excited. As long as you don’t go a step too far and book them as a speaker, I guarantee they will be pleasantly surprised.

WordPress theme or plugin

Maybe we’re over thinking things. They love their WordPress, after all. So why not wrap up and give them even more WordPress?

Themes and plugins are great, but sometimes they don’t get picked up due to cost. Perhaps a theme would be just perfect, but it’s not cost effective to use for a personal blog. Or, a paid plugin looks really shiny, but there’s a free one that basically does the same thing. The only downside here is that it’s kind of difficult to gift wrap a theme.

Best of all, most WordPress shops (whether for themes or for plugins) are running awesome deals during the holiday season. We put together a roundup for you. Pick up a gift for someone you care about, and keep something for yourself as well. We won’t tell.

WPCandy WordPress News iPhone app

Every WordPress user needs to keep up with the latest goings-on within the community. And the best way to do that (according to WPCandy, a completely biased source on this topic) is with the WPCandy WordPress News iPhone app.

Having the most up to date WordPress news in your pocket will also always make you the most knowledgeable person at the party when topics come up. While an iPhone app is great, the true gift here is intellectual superiority.

Now just $0.99 in the App Store. Gift it to someone you care about today.

Surprise a WordPress plugin developer this season

If you use WordPress plugins, I can guaruntee you that something on plugin developer’s Christmas lists is a Christmas donation for their plugins. I bet those developers wouldn’t mind receiving some fun WordPress gifts as well.

What’s the perfect WordPress gift?

So did you spot anything you didn’t know about? Or, perhaps more importantly, are we missing something that absolutely should be included in our list? What do you think is the ultimate gift for a WordPress user?

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