WordPress theme mascot throw-down: Who would win?


It’s Friday and the week is close to wrapping up. You should spend some time this afternoon musing on a simple question: which WordPress theme mascot would win in a no-holds-barred throw-down?

Oh yeah, we’re going there. We have the colorful and creative mascots from Themes Kingdom, Wonder Themes, WooThemes, Theme Warrior, and Mojo Themes facing off in the post below. Loosen up and have some fun with it: just make sure your boss isn’t peering over your shoulder!

Update: Not sure how I missed it, but UpThemes has a sweet mascot too. He’s been added to the lineup as well.

I can’t say I’m sure what scenario would bring all of these characters together. Perhaps a massive theme emergency. In a castle. Wherever they are, the point is it’s happening. So who comes out in one piece?

Have your say in the poll below, and the comments as well. How would it go down, and who would prevail? The first four seem to have natural fighting abilities, but that friendly little monster lost an eye somehow. I smell a dark past. Are ninja skills more deadly than warrior skills? Would flight come into play? I would think a shield would be a big help from a defensive point of view.

Indulge in some cartoon violence today, and they can all go back to being friends tomorrow.

Yes, I spent actual time making this. What did you do this morning?

Also, big thanks to the theme shops that participated in this silly idea, and for being good sports!

41 thoughts on “WordPress theme mascot throw-down: Who would win?

  1. Mojo has one eye for a reason. He’s obviously effed up some peeps in his wake. Wouldn’t even dare mess with a monster with one eye and an “I’m obviously crazy” type of smile… All while waving the creepy “I’m gonna murder your “A” type of smile = no thanks.

  2. Mojo Monster is a natural born winner. He’s not out to fight crime or kick someones butt, he’s there to be your theme pal. Also he can give you a thumbs up with no fingers so that rules.

  3. The Theme Kingdom’s knight is the only one with a huge sword. So honestly, that’s probably the way it would go. The WooThemes ninja looks like a little kid in pijamas and I’m worried Wonder Themes would get lost in his super hair.

    However, my vote has to go to the underdog Mojo. Not only has he lost an eye, it also looks like two hands are missing. It certainly doesn’t bode well for future battles, but he does seem cheery and confident. Maybe he can breathe fire or something.

  4. Helloooo…Woo Ninja is already on the offensive; the others are just standing there. That says something to me.

  5. You know they have to get down to the business of coding actual themes after this rumble. Just how does the Mojo monster type with no fingers? I gotta give it to the Woo Themes Ninja.

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  7. Since we have no clue about the monster’s biology, how do we know it is missing an eye? Perhaps that patch is covering it’s SUPER eye! And what sort of power might that super eye have? Do you really want to find out after the fight has begun??

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