The (Really) Ultimate Guide to Creating a Photoblog With WordPress


photo by Destany Maddox / Ashley Hittinger

photo by Destany Maddox / Ashley Hittinger

The “ultimate” measure of whether a guide is really the ultimate is not in how many links it can put into one place, but in how many dodgy resources it leaves out. I have sifted through the vastness of space we call the interwebs, employing all manners of searching, in order to bring you the best resources available on creative a WordPress photoblog – minus, of course, the outdated, useless and repetitive information you really don’t need.

While various dedicated photoblogging services can be found online, most of them are very simplistic. Converting WordPress into a photoblog allows you to tap into the vast array of features available with WordPress while still displaying your much-loved photos in a context that suits them.

For every one photoblog resource there were at least 20 WordPress gallery resources. This collection features the most up to date resources available for people wanting to make a genuine photoblog using WordPress.


Yet Another Photoblog

Yet Another Photoblog is a non invasive WordPress plugin that makes it easy to convert your WordPress installation into a simple yet full featured photoblog. It comes with a ton of features and functionality, most notably easy image upload, on the fly thumbnail generation, EXIF data processing and output, and works with nearly all WordPress themes.


PhotoQ is similar to YAPB in that it converts your WordPress installation into a photoblog, but offers a variety of different features that you might find worth using over YAPB. PhotoQ makes it easy to batch upload a ton of photos and have it automated so that it will post when you want it to. It also has a nifty watermarking solution as well as EXIF support.


A simpler plugin compared to the other two, but possibly the right choice if you want to get the job done without a lot of bells and whistles.

WordPress Flickr Manager

An easy way to manage your Flickr photos and insert them into your posts on the fly. Useful if that’s where you store your pictures.



Linquist WordPress Theme

Free photo gallery

Free Photo Gallery WordPress Theme


Nishita WordPress Theme


PhotoPress from Performancing

WP foto

WPFoto WordPress Theme


Grain WordPress Theme

PhotographerDream Theme

Photographer Dream WordPress Theme

Ocular Professor

Ocular Professor WordPress Theme


Fotolog WordPress Theme


Quickpic WordPress Theme

Photo blog

Photoblog WordPress Theme

Polaroid – 6 Variations

Polaroid WordPress Theme

Design Inspiration

Photoblog Theme Round-ups

9 thoughts on “The (Really) Ultimate Guide to Creating a Photoblog With WordPress

  1. Perfect time for me to find this article. I just bought a new domain, with the plan of starting a photoblog … finally accepted the fact that I enjoy picture more than words, so am much more likely to keep a photoblog updated.

    Thanks for giving me some good leads on a theme/plugins.

  2. Great round-up, but there’s one thing missing…

    The “ultimate” photo blog on the web these days is The Big Picture, and none of the themes you mention can deliver a Big Picture-esque photo blog. However, the Zack 990 theme can do just that.

    Well worth checking it out.

  3. I have a friend who wants to start a photo blog. I’m going to send him this link right now.

    Anyone who wants to get into the photography world needs a way to directly access an audience. If they don’t have a blog then they are missing out on hundreds of opportunities to connect with other brilliant people.

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  6. Great list of resources Skellie. I have been needing a photo blog, or gallery type component on about 3 different sites for some time now. One is going to be a photoblog, and the other are text blogs but need a good gallery or photoblog area.

    I too found that there’s a lot of chaff to sort through to get to down to the good stuff. Thanks for having done some of the work for me here. It inspires me to have another go at setting up what I need on my 3 blogs. But it also inspires me to create my own if I don’t find exactly what I want.

  7. Great photoblog – please keep it coming. I’m new to photoblogging but looking to start soon. In fact I just registered a new domain name for it –! Any tips to get started would be appreciated…

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