Community Poll: What’s your favorite feature in WordPress 3.4?


With WordPress 3.4 “Green” out in the wild, and of course our review of all the top features you want to know about (you’ve seen that, right?) now is a good time to see what our collective favorite new features are. Which new feature is the most welcome, according to you?

Vote in the poll below (just after the jump) and leave a note in the comments explaining your choice. You can pick up to two features when you vote.

I published a similar poll when both 3.3 and 3.2 were released. Do you think the most popular additions back then are still the most important WordPress features?

3 thoughts on “Community Poll: What’s your favorite feature in WordPress 3.4?

  1. FYI: Basically all of the autocomplete stuff got yanked in the 11th hour because of lackof path vs domain support 🙁

    Favorite feature otherwise … probably the XMLRPC updates. Should make it considerably easier for external app-makers. I’ll be curious to see if any new ones spring up in the next cycle or so.

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