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I’m a big fan of the products out of byproducts phillosophy. In other words, pay attention to the sometimes hidden, but very real, value in the tools you just so happen to create when working.

For example: in order to cover WordPress community news the way we do at WPCandy, we’ve developed quite a list of sources. Some prove to create news with every post they publish, and others take more time to release their gems. But every single source is necessary in order to keep a finger on the pulse of the WordPress community (so to speak).

That’s one of our byproducts, and that’s what this post is all about. Just after the jump I’ve included our exhaustive (and categorized) list of sources that I use every day at WPCandy. Each categorized section includes a link to an OPML file so you can subscribe to these blogs easily if you’d like to.

If you see a site that is missing from our list, by all means make note of it in the comments. We’ll be updating the list here and the OPML files every now and then, to hopefully maintain the most exhaustive WordPress news source list online.

Commercial WordPress services (17 RSS feeds)

This category is just for those services built around WordPress.

Download the OPML file for commercial service blogs.

Community blogs (51 RSS feeds)

This one is a larger list because folks like starting blogs about WordPress. Who can blame them, right?

Download the OPML file for community blogs.

Official sources (15 RSS feeds)

These “official” sources are the various WordPress blogs, core project blogs, and related sources that tend to carry official news.

  • bbPress blog
  • BuddyPress development blog
  • BuddyPress blog
  • GlotPress blog
  • Gravatar blog
  • Make WordPress Themes blog
  • Make WordPress UI blog
  • WordPress Development blog
  • WordPress for Android blog
  • WordPress for BlackBerry blog
  • WordPress for iOS blog
  • WordPress for Nokia blog
  • WordPress Foundation blog
  • WordPress News blog
  • WordPress.tv

Download the OPML file for official blogs.

WordPress people (37 RSS feeds)

The most fun on the list, really. The people make the community, the blogs these people make are a good time.

  • Adii Pienaar’s blog
  • Alex King’s blog
  • Alex Shiels’ blog
  • Anthony Cole’s blog
  • Austin Passy’s blog
  • Benjamin Bradley’s blog
  • Ben Gillbanks’ blog
  • David Peralty’s blog
  • Brian Krogsgard’s blog
  • Chris Pearson’s blog
  • Coen Jacobs’ blog
  • Cory Miller’s blog
  • Darren Hoyt’s blog
  • Donncha O Caoimh’s blog
  • Gautam Gupta’s blog
  • James Koster’s blog
  • Joost de Valk’s blog
  • John P Bloch’s blog
  • Justin Kopepasah’s blog
  • Justin Tadlock’s blog
  • Lisa Sabin-Wilson’s blog
  • Lorelle’s blog
  • Matt Mullenweg’s blog
  • Michael Kuhlmann’s blog
  • Mike Jolley’s blog
  • Nathan Rice’s blog
  • Ozh Richard’s blog
  • Pete Mall’s blog
  • Ptah Dunbar’s blog
  • R. Bhavesh’s blog
  • Ron and Andrea Rennick’s blog
  • Ryan Duff’s blog
  • Scribu’s blog
  • Sam Bauers’ blog
  • Tom McFarlin’s blog
  • Trent Lapinski’s blog
  • Westi’s blog

Download the OPML file for WordPress people blogs.

Plugin blogs (10 RSS feeds)

They aren’t as prevalent as blogs for themes and theme shops (see below), but every now and then a developer will start up a blog tracking the development of a plugin.

Download the OPML file for plugin blogs.

Marketplaces (8 RSS feeds)

There are only a few that specialize, or offer a heavy focus on, WordPress themes and/or plugins.

Download the OPML file for WordPress marketplace blogs.

Theme shops (70 RSS feeds)

I wouldn’t go as far as to say this is every single GPL theme shop out there (per our editorial policy, that’s what we choose to cover), but it’s likely pretty close.

  • Aloha Themes’ blog
  • Antisocial Media’s blog
  • Band Themer’s blog
  • Bavotasan’s blog
  • Blog Oh Blog’s…er, blog
  • BuddyBoss’ blog
  • BuddyDress’ blog
  • Catalyst Themes’ blog
  • ComicPress’ blog
  • Crowd Favorite’s blog
  • CyberChimps blog
  • Dev4Press blog
  • Elegant Themes blog
  • FlexiThemes blog
  • Furu Themes blog
  • Gabfire Themes blog
  • Gabfire web design blog
  • Gorilla Themes blog
  • Graph Paper Press blog
  • Headway blog
  • iThemes blog
  • KreativeThemes blog
  • Mint Themes blog
  • NattyWP blog
  • NeueThemes blog
  • New2WP blog
  • Obox blog
  • Organized Themes blog
  • Photocrati blog
  • Organic Themes blog
  • Press Coders blog
  • Press75 blog
  • PressWork blog
  • PriMoThemes blog
  • Pro Theme Design blog
  • RichWP blog
  • Rockable Themes blog
  • RoloPress blog
  • Solostream blog
  • Standard Theme blog
  • Storefront Themes blog
  • StudioPress blog
  • Templatic blog
  • The Theme Foundry blog
  • Theme Junkie blog
  • Theme Wars blog
  • Theme Weaver blog
  • ThemeBaker blog
  • ThemeFuse blog
  • ThemeJam blog
  • Themeopoly blog
  • Themes Kingdom blog
  • ThemeShift blog
  • ThemeWarrior
  • Themify blog
  • Thesis blog
  • Tokokoo blog
  • UpThemes blog
  • WhoaThemes blog
  • Win with WordPress blog
  • Wobzy blog
  • WooThemes blog
  • WordPress.org theme feed
  • WP Yuzu blog
  • WPArcade blog
  • WPCharity blog
  • WPShower blog
  • WPZoom blog
  • Xtreme Theme blog

Download the OPML file for WordPress theme shop blogs.

WordCamp blogs (32 RSS feeds)

This list is modified every time a new WordCamp starts up, which seems to be every couple of weeks or so. Very soon we’ll need to start pruning, as 2011 blogs go quiet and new 2012 blogs start up.

  • WordCamp Albuquerque
  • WordCamp Atlanta
  • WordCamp Austin
  • WordCamp Bucharest
  • WordCamp Caguas
  • WordCamp Cape Town
  • WordCamp Chicago
  • WordCamp Denmark
  • WordCamp Detroit
  • WordCamp Gold Coast
  • WordCamp Ireland
  • WordCamp Jerusalem
  • WordCamp Kansas City
  • WordCamp Kenya
  • WordCamp Kobe
  • WordCamp LA
  • WordCamp Lisboa
  • WordCamp Louisville
  • WordCamp Melbourne
  • WordCamp Miami
  • WordCamp Minneapolis
  • WordCamp Montreal
  • WordCamp Philly
  • WordCamp Phoenix
  • WordCamp Portland
  • WordCamp Richmond
  • WordCamp Salt Lake City
  • WordCamp San Diego
  • WordCamp Sevilla
  • WordCamp Toronto
  • WordCamp Vegas

Download the OPML file for WordCamp blogs.

Everything (240 RSS feeds)

If you’re crazy enough to want to subscribe to everything here, by all means go for it. It might be simpler to catch the big news on WPCandy, but hey more power to you if you want it straight from the hose.

Download the OPML file for all the blogs WPCandy tracks.

Anything worth adding?

If you see a blog feed or something important that is missing above, drop a note in the commentsΒ β€” even if it’s your own blog. This list will be periodically updated to reflect the additions.

How do you track WordPress news? Do you rely on WPCandy for any of your daily reading, or do you prefer to subscribe to a number of the sources listed above?

35 thoughts on “WPCandy’s big, huge, giant list of WordPress news sources

    • +1 to the first 3 links. I visit those sites quite often, especially for Genesis tips. Very comprehensive list. Quite a few sites I have never heard of before. Thanks!

  1. What would be really cool is of you made a single RSS feed for all these sites, then anyone could just follow your curated feed and not have to maintain this ever-changing OPML over time.

    Maybe using Yahoo Pipes?

  2. Thanks for sharing, Ryan. That’s really an unbelievable list – many great sites I hadn’t seen yet.

    Do you go hunting on Twitter too? Some juicy stuff there, huh?

  3. Hi, Ryan. I imported most of your list to my Google reader. Looks like I my browsing experience is not even half of yours.
    Btw, I’m from ColorLabs (http://colorlabsproject.com) and we are a Theme shop, and I find that we are not on your list yet. If you could add as to your big list of resource I would really appreciate it.


  4. Now that’s what I call an extensive list!

    I’ll have to set an hour a day aside for three years to get through that list.

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